Suicidal Tendencies / My Own Victim / Faceplant at the Toy Tiger

By Erich Otto and Laura Spalding

Suicidal Tendencies, who have been on the metal scene for a while, played on December 1 at the Toy Tiger. It's been a long time since these guys have played around here, especially with the original line-up but the show was well worth the wait.

Starting off with "War Inside my Head," Suicidal continued on with both new and older tunes. Some tunes played included "What's in a Name?", "Facist Pig,""I Want More,""Lovely" and "Institutionalized."

The band also included some new material: "Psycho Vision,""I Ain't Gonna Take It No More," and "Freedom," the title track from a new record that should be released in March 1999.

Suicidal also had a couple of surprises in store, featuring the guitarist from Infectious Grooves, singer Mike Muir's side band from a few years back. The band performed "Violent and Funky" from that release. This was a killer show and the new material is cool, somewhat reminiscent of the band's old sound.

Local bands My Own Victim and Faceplant opened up this show and got the crowd in mosh mode.