News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey pit people! How's it going? Got a few tidbits for ya.

Got a couple of killer shows headed our way in July.

__ July 6 at The Toy Tiger - don't miss GWAR's outrageous show! Also appearing will be Skinlab, who just recently played at the Tiger, and they definitely kick butt! Tickets are $13 in advance, $15 day of show.

__July 7, also at the Tiger - check out The Henry Rollins Band along with Squat Weiller. Tickets are only $12.

__Also - I believe that Machine Head may be rolling into the Tiger around the end of the month - look for it possibly on the 23.

__July 30 - another big show at The Toy Tiger - The Attitude Network presents "Unsigned Extreme 4 - The Hardcore Edition." Bands featured on this night are Twist from Lexington, Assisting Sorrow, Absolute Chaos, Kill Cycle, Forefront and Dent - the last two are from Indy - and I hear both of these bands are very heavy! Do not miss this show!!!

__Another tidbit for ya - Inhuman has broken up for good and will be starting up a new band with a new name. The new band will feature some original members, as well as a couple of new members. Joining will be Kevin Davidson on drums, formerly with Crazy Train, and Andy Christ, vocals, formerly of Sick World. I hear from current frontman Eddy Metal that the new band is going to have a gothic/industrial/metal sort of sound. The band is looking for a keyboardist. If interested, give Eddy a call at 367-2080.

__Quickie Review - I didn't get to check out all of the Neurosis / Skinlab / Aassee Lake show at the Toy Tiger on June 14, but what I did see was killer. I made it there about 2 or 3 songs into Skinlab's set, which was heavy as can be. The band is touring in support of a new release, Disembody: The New Flesh. Skinlab definitely caught my attention with their heavy, energetic set. I suggest everyone check 'em out again at The Tiger on July 6, when they will be opening up for Gwar.

The headliner, Neurosis, was next. While the band is heavy, it has a different kind of sound than Skinlab. Instead of a pit, most fans were just standing still, keeping a close eye on the band's performance and eerie, unusual film/slide show. Neurosis' show will hold your interest, but their sound is a mix of various heavy sounds, unlike any other band out there: indescribable, and not to be labeled.

That's all for me for now - see ya next time!! Support all metal!!!