Two Blows, Brent Says

electrified (Digital Dimension Entertainment)
PC 69

By Brent Starkey

"If you take the time maybe you will see, it's alright; It's alright/ Was it good for you; well it's good for me - I'm Electrified" (from "Electrified"). This CD is 100%, Grade A, 80s cheese metal CRAP. Think . . . Bon Jovi or something equally as appaling. Man, this blows....One word - CRAP!!!

Buckcherry (Dream Works Records)


By Brent Starkey

Bad glam-metal garbage. The singer looks like Perry Farrell, the songs range from bad KISS rip-offs to bad Black Crowes rip-offs. The most inspired line they come up with is "Yes I'm all lit-up again on the couch, in my bed & yes I'm all lit up again flyin'.....I love the cocaine" (from "Lit Up"). Uhh, Steve Jones (ex- Sex Pistols) produced this crap....Yawn.