Between Our Hearts (Phantom Records)
John McCormick

By Bob Mitchell

The simple facts: forty-two minutes, thirteen selections, two of which are original and six are traditional. Nine vocals and four instrumentals. The effect of an overall listening: it warms your heart.

When the Kentucky Music Festival Weekend comes to town I always say, "The gentle people are back." One listen to this recording and you will know what I mean. The project is enjoyable, relaxing and slightly melancholy. Six selections showcase McCormick's voice and guitar, but some very talented friends provide tasteful back up on seven cuts. Maggie Boyle's flute and vocals and Judi Meister's fiddle are especially appealing. McCormick also penned a lovely and soulful instrumental for his mother, "Fair Anna." It is a melody for the ages and filled with love. I wish I could create such music!

Although no one is sure who composed "Southwind," McCormick's skillful touch simply lets you be glad that someone did. My favorite selection is Robin Laing's "When Two Hearts Combine." another love song of extraordinary proportions.

"Bonnie Jean Cameron,""Spencer The Rover,""Tide and The River Rising" and "'The Snows" are the type of song that establishes McCormick (in my humble opinion) as the official troubadour for the 21st century.

Since most readers of this column were probably not at McCormick's recent Louisville concert, you could do the next best thing- get a copy of this recording.

You can order a copy from Phantom Records, PO Box 935, Daly, CA 94017-0935.