Listening to the Sounds of Silence - and Music

By Paul Moffett

The Louisville Science Center has opened a new interactive exhibit, Mostly Music, which allows visitors to explore the relationships between science and music. The installation has four areas available for music lovers to sing, drum and create their own compositions. The Center Stage allows visitors to be "stars" with karaoke, electric and acoustic instruments and music-making instruments designed for children.

The Music Lab features a giant "walk-in" guitar, as well as an array of differently shaped tubes and strings to study how sound and shape relate. The World Club has a World Jukebox for exploring the history of music around the planet. The Conservatory focuses on classical music and invites visitors to listen to works by famous composers, as well as compose and conduct.

The exhibit will continue through September 7. The Louisville Science Center is located at 727 W. Main Street, a short distance from the Hillerich and Bradsby Company, home of the giant bat leaning against the building. For times and other information, call 561-6100.