Jason Koerner

Louisville Rock Lowdown
By Jason Koerner

It is amazing to realize how much impact a single article in a porno magazine had on the Louisville music scene. (And yes, some people do read the articles!) Playboy recently called the city of Louisville a "music Mecca" in a feature article about the America's hot spots for the art. This newfound reputation is partly caused by the Louisville-native group "Days of the New," with their mega-seller self-titled CD and nationally acclaimed fame. But that article was only the spark to a towering inferno of local bands armed with a new vitality and hope, scrambling to gain a piece of the pie. Ever since then, this town has been in an uproar about its scene. Even the mayor has took notice to the recognition our city received in a magazine typically thought of as distasteful. More events like City Stage and Harvest Showcase will probably appear in the near future. But all the credit cannot be given to Travis Meeks and company, for there are many talented, overlooked groups in this city we live in. This column will try to bring some of these bands to light.

This is just a short introduction piece to what "Local Lowdown" will be about. Since this is my first column in Louisville Music News, I want to give some information about myself so you know where I am coming from. My tastes in music range like the spectrum of light and include rock, metal, jazz, blues, classical, and a limited amount of country and rap songs. I have played in a few local bands over the past 4 to 5 years (I spent the majority of the time playing bass for The Slackers, which later became known as Asphyxia) and have been playing some sort of music since 5th grade band. I play saxophone, bass, and guitar; and I have made poor attempts to learn keyboards and drums. Playing sax has given me a good understanding of the fundamentals of music and has also kept my mind open to many different styles. Playing bass in a band has allowed me to experience the club scene and to see what it is like first-hand to be a working musician. I know the difficulty involved and have much respect for anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the field.

I started working for LMN in November `98 selling advertisement space. I added to my responsibilities soon after by writing concert reviews, as well as the occasional CD review. I have written pieces on such acts as Tori Amos, Brian Setzer, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Korn, Rob Zombie, Boy Sets Fire and others. I have always wanted to have some kind of involvement with the music scene here in town, even before I started playing in a band. I feel very proud to work for a newspaper that cares so much about supporting the local musicians here. When the idea of writing this column came about, I was very excited and I jumped for it! I love my job, and will probably continue with the paper for a long time to come (even if it is responsible for huge losses in sleep department by competing with school at U of L and my lovely job during the vampire-shift at UPS). If for no other reason, my love of music makes me a prime candidate for this publication.

Enough of me... now down to business. Every month, I want to feature a local area band that plays original music. I will go to one of their shows, review the concert, interview the band, and talk about any CD/cassette releases they have (or whatever other interesting topics that may end up in the story). The restraints that I have are as follows: I am writing a "mainstream rock" column and I can only feature one band per month. If your band (or someone else's band that you would like to see be featured) borders somewhere along the lines of the "rock" genre; E-mail me with some pertinent information about the group and give me a way to get a hold of the band at Jkslacker@aol.com or page me at (502) 672-3153 (digital). You may also write me at "Louisville Music News c/o Jason Koerner" using the address in the front of the issue or fax as well. There is no excuse not to interact with me on this column, you have every form of communications know to man in order to get in touch with me! I am also interested in hearing your comments or concerns, so feel free to reach me even if it is not to suggest a band for the column. Consider this to be your form of cutting-edge interactive media! I will do my best to address any issues you want to be discussed, if it is music-related. I don't know how much authority I have on giving advice, but I will try my best if necessary. I am looking forward to working on making this one of the best columns we have in the paper.

Some possible candidates for upcoming editions of "Local Lowdown" include My Own Victim, Silverloop, Whatever Will, Assisting Sorrow, Flaw, The Seaside Panel and more! Please remember to send me your submissions for the bands to be featured and all your questions and comments. See you next month with the featured band Andy's Kitchen... Rock on!