Premonitions of Apocalypse
E Flat

By Laura Spalding

The rap/hardcore/metal sound has become quite popular in the last few years. Local band E Flat adds their own unique and individual sound to the mix with their debut CD Premonitions of Apocalypse.

The well-done cover of the CD states "Parental Advisory-Explicit Content, " which should be acknowledged. And, while the lyrical content may be offensive to some, I would advise to just take it tongue in cheek, listen and enjoy.

The first two tunes on the CD, "Cops" and "Step 2 Me," really bring out E Flat's style of rap/hardcore mixed with metal. The music is definitely heavy, but also features some rap-influenced vocals and turntable, which makes E Flat's sound their own. "Mental Blinds" is more of a heavy tune with a moody guitar groove.

E Flat changes gears a little with the next song. "Wanna Be," which has somewhat of a punkish feel to it. The CD continues with "Welfare Junkie,""P.O.A." (the title song) "Gone Postal" "D.H.J." , and "Comin' Up."

As I mentioned before, E Flat definitely has their own sound. Also, the band seems to have a bit of a humorous side in presenting their opinions on various subjects, such as in "Cops" and "Welfare Junkie" and they aren't worried about offending anybody, they're just doin' what they do, doin' it their way.