Flaw On The Way, Says New Manager David Gilbert

By Paul Moffett

Flaw has signed with the management company Revolver, which is not a record label as I reported last month. Revolver's David Gilbert said that he was "extremely optimistic" about Flaw and that he was planning to use two dates at the Toy Tiger, March 16 and another date in April, to shop the band to major labels.

"I would have signed them with Warner Bros.," he said, "so I would guess that someone else will feel the same way."

"I want to bring the labels to Louisville instead of flying the band to New York, so the labels can hear the band at the Tiger with their fans," he explained. "I won't know who's coming until a couple of days before, but I'm inviting higher-up label execs who don't go to South by Southwest, which starts the next day."

Their will be other bands playing on the showcases, so they will get the benefit of the label execs coming to town.

"I guess if they're coming to Louisville, they'`ll take the opportunity" to listen to other acts, Gilbert noted.

Gilbert said that he produced their demo at Canyon Productions with Chris Cassetta engineering and was impressed with the band's work. He thinks that it will not be difficult to get them a good major label deal.

"I could have gotten them a deal with a Warner label, but I liked them, so I decided to go with the management deal," he said.

Flaw also has Days of the New attorney Fred Davis as their attorney, so their team is coming along very well.

The March 16 show at the Toy Tiger is the Primetime Live Final Four. In addition to Flaw, Out. Ten Months Later and Yellow 5 will appear on the showcase.