Ink & Dagger - Original Sin
The Fine Art Of Original Sin (Initial reconds)
Ink & Dagger

By Brent Starkey

I'm gonna' hand it to lnk 8: Dagger, this (noisy / post-punk / hardcore) isn't my normal kind of thing, but I actually like some of this. "We Live Despite Their Schemes," "VampireFastCode Ver. 1.5" and "The 6 Ft. Under Swindle" ("I saw Sid Vicious on a gravestone sitting next to me & he said rock & roll was better off dead. You so want to control it; but I just want to know who stole it, who stole the show from rock "n' roll?") all sound especially original in this genre. Some of this sounds like early Jesus Lizard (a compliment in my book), mostly in the "l'm screaming through a pillow" vocals. I might add that the last song, "The Fine Art Of Original Sin (the GFS resonant mix)," is a complete waste of time and I can't imagine putting this on too much, but still, it's a decent effort and definitely worth checking out.