Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

Lately I've noticed that links and triggers play a strangely predominant role in my life. Technological references aside, I'm referring to the clutterhouse of dreams and memories. This morning I woke up thinking about my tall boyfriend, Kurt. After a few minutes, I realized I didn't have a boyfriend named Kurt, and all the info I had accumulated in my sleep was bogus. A few days ago, I went to the kitchen for a cherry Pop Tart. I had no Pop Tarts, but recalled dreaming that I went to Winn-Dixie and bought some. What a stupid waste of dream space. However, I also worked out the bridge for an on-going song arrangement this week, while sleeping.

A few weeks ago I walked into Pop Culture Emporium and experienced a similar disassociation. The first thing I noticed was a small round purse encasing a tiny doll. I immediately began staring and trying to pull up the memory it was trying to evoke. Didn't I own one of those? Then, slowly, turn 360 degrees ... soak it up....Yes! I think the collection of Dawn dolls might be a link to my past! Amongst the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Superman stuff, I kept finding little triggers of my own. But, was it really me, or someone else? Kevin Townson, owner of this little "junk store," was very kind in letting me just stand around with the twisted gaze of a woman who left group therapy an hour too soon. Everything looked familiar, from the big Japanese robot things to the old board games (one is a pre-war football game.) Stuff other people might recognize by era and brand name, but not me. Just flashback fodder, mommy.

Kevin used to have a lot of comic books in there but removed them lest people label his store a comics store. That it is not. He buys from regular folk and beats the heck out of any flea market prices.

Prized possession for sale? One Hee Haw lunchbox.

Kevin utilizes this space as an art studio, as well. He sells his original pin-up artwork to private buyers and through on-line auctions. He worked diligently on a new superheroine as I flipped through a book containing an assortment of some of the band flyers he's done.

Nothing is one of the bands Kevin creates art ads for. I've yet to see the band, but the last Butchertown Pub show they did sounded festive. Female Mexican wrestlers busting bowling balls with axes, caged women, animal masks and aggressive member names like Envy Kill Machine, Rage Rash and Dude Death conjure quite the visual. Unfortunately, they were banned from Butchertown after that gig.

One Nothing member related a rehearsal story involving an ice warehouse on Main Street. Unsuspecting of the fact that the icehouse was shutting down for renovation, the members climbed up the elevator shaft to the rehearsal space, thinking the old elevator had temporarily quit working. Later, though, their gear got walled in and it was six months (they had to wait for ice to melt) before they could get it out. The same guy swears to me that this warehouse was used for indoor trout fishing in the seventies. That may be one fish tale I don't buy....you tell me.

However, I would buy a CD from Exit, another band that retained Kevin Townson's artistic endeavors. R&B, jazz fusion-y and touting the original sounds of one of my fave guitar players, Greg Henderson. I had the pleasure of working with him a few years back. Greasy, sleazy and over-easy.

That reminds me. Greg's wife Barb enlightened me to the fact that all writings by Emily Dickenson can be sung to the tune of "Yellow Rose of Texas."

Pop Culture Emporium is located at 1365 Bardstown Rd. Appointments are available by calling 456-5553.

Call or e-mail me your band info: 485-9677 / mufalata@iglou.com

(heart) MUFFY