News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hail ye People of the Pit - got a few tidbits for ya - so read on, read on. . . . . .

Louisville had quite a lot of metal shows happening in February - cool beans!

One show in particular - "The Unsigned Extreme" presented by 100. 5 The Fox's Attitude Network - on February 5 at The Toy Tiger-went really well and had a great crowd of people who came out to support local metal. All the bands sounded awesome and everyone kicked butt!

Hope we continue to have shows like this. It's great getting to hear so many styles of metal at one show!

Here are a couple of shows coming up, brought to us by Spotlight Productions:

March 24 at the Toy Tiger - Clutch.

March 31, also at the Tiger - Stuck Mojo and Nothingface. I also hear that E Flat and Flaw may open this show.

March 20 - E Flat and Kiss Army at the Tiger.

Here are a couple of "DO NOT MISS" shows that are coming up in April. You definitely should be there!

Korn and Rob Zombie - April 1 at Louisville Gardens.

Testament at A1A in Lexington on April 27. This will be an awesome show! For more info, call A1A at (606) 231-7263.

Another heavy show happenin' in March is on the 22nd at Headliners Music Hall - Flaw and Econoline Crush - Be there!

Shapeless Matrix and Inhuman played on February 16 at the Tiger to a pretty good crowd for the "Unsigned Prime Time Finals." Inhuman played two very heavy, groovin' new songs -"Freaks" and"Engine." Shapeless Matrix will have a full length CD coming out sometime in April, so be on the look out for that.

A lot of local bands around town are working on new material and new CDs. Keep your eyes and ears open for new stuff from Faceplant, Point of Anger, Inhuman, E Flat and Shapeless Matrix.

CD reviews - got one for ya on E Flat in this issue. More in next month's issue.

Also, some bad news for metal fans and bands. P. J. 's Pub is probably going to be getting new owners and a new music format, which bites!

Since opening, P. J.'s has been very supportive of local metal, featuring heavy shows practically every weekend, so this upcoming change is not a welcome one for the metal community.

I heard that the end of February would be the closing date, but I spoke to Lori at P. J. 's and was told that there may be some shows booked for March. Let's hope so. Much thanks to P. J. 's for their great support of local metal. For more information on shows, call (502) 368-9911.

That's all from me this time around. Support local metal!

See ya in the Pit!