SB1 A Skiboarding Journey (Overall Entertainment)

By Brent Starkey

Yikes! What an amalgamation. Rap (Mo Thugs, Master P, the Beatnuts, Hieroglyphics, Canibus, Kurupt); alternative/metal/rap (Fat, One Minute Silence); a big ol' dose of pop/punk/ska/whatever (Sublime, Blink 182, Rubberneck, NOFX, Pennywise); even some hard techno (Grinspoon). The best few cuts are Pennywise's "What If I" (sounds dead like Bad Religion), NOFX's "Liza" & Rubberneck's "Juanderer." But even if you're into all these different genres, the tracks are all available on the bands' l.p.s and this grab bag of mixed-nuts doesn't flow together at all (c'mon -Mo Thugs & NOFX ? Sheesh). Methinks someone at Overall Entertainment doth smoke too much weed. PASS.