Better Than Sominex

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a kite is a victim

By Brent Starkey

Forget about the damned kite, I'm the victim here. Sitting through this snoozefest twice was absolute torture. I knew I was in trouble when the first song ("Message Me Never Again") started off with the lyrics: "Momma, can I help around the house. Father, business will surely improve. Darling, kiss my baby good night." These pretty boys from Florida have managed to put out the dullest acoustic tripe I've ever fought sleep over. Then they have the nerve to put two 10+ minute songs and four more over 6 minutes. Arrgghh. I hope I can get a couple bucks from some unsuspecting used CD store to make up for the couple hours. I could've been listening to the Beautys or Electric Frankenstein, etc., etc.