to Sponsor the 1999 Harvest Showcase

MP3.COM has signed on to sponsor the 1999 Harvest Showcase, scheduled for late September. The six-year-old festival has raised over eighteen tons of food for USA Harvest while giving artists a chance to perform before record industry professionals.

Chaz, Primitive Entertainment's President and founder of the Harvest Showcase said, "In recent years we have had a tremendous amount of National success but now with support from MP3.COM and other companies, we can make the Harvest Showcase into a global success as well!"

Harvest Showcase volunteer Tom Florian, who is the publicist for 52nd stream, an MP3 website, agreed. "We have been looking to work with some of the major Internet companies this year and who better to start with than the major Internet MUSIC company? There are a lot of opportunities for us to help artists get the exposure they deserve and by getting support from companies like MP3.COM, we can now Web Cast the Showcase for folks all over the world."

Artists interested in participating in this year's event should send a CD or tape with one song designed, along with name, address, phone number, e-mail and contact person, plus a $15 administration fee to: Primitive Entertainment c/o 52nd stream media PO BOX 7005 Louisville KY 40257 Submissions must be postmarked by July 15, 1999.

For sponsorship information please contact: