Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

Today is a lesson in procrastination. If only I had written my column two days earlier, on a Tuesday, I might still own a VCR, and I would not be typing this under the influence of Bloody brains.

You see, Tuesday was a full day off, and the following day was my birthday. I opted to rent some movies for a quiet, normal night. As soon as I inserted the first video, it refused to be played or ejected. I spent the next hour screwing with my Phillips' head. Then I resorted to twisting, prying and outright jabbing. The sucker would not budge, even after chipping away at the circuitry. VCR guts are really fascinating, by the way, although I hope you never have reason to examine your own. I finally returned the movies, VCR included. The clerk said she'd never witnessed such a return, and the presence of the trashed unit validated my claim to be credited for the unviewed movies. Triumphant and exhausted, I frittered the night away.

I should have gone to Air Devils Inn for open mike night. A few weeks ago I ended up there with Jason Koerner, the bass player for Asphyxia. He wanted to share the stage with his physician, Dr. David Tao. And so they did. Funny how things can segue, 'coz David is now the new bass player for Winston Hardy and the Roadmasters, and I was just speaking with him this week.

I occasionally run into Joe Moore in Winn-Dixie. He's the harmonica player/ vocalist for Winston and had invited me to their April 6 show at Stevie Ray's. Independent filmmaker Brian Yesowitch is filming a documentary of Winston's life. Unable to attend the show, I called Winston for the scoop on what sounded like a controversial, action-packed night. What with his rep for being outspoken, I thought surely he'd give me some juicy beef to feed my readers.

Winston commented that I probably would not be able to print most of what comes out of his mouth, and I just laughed and said I'd use a lot of **'s if necessary. We talked a long time.

I can't print most of what came out of his mouth.

If you want the insider's view on the April 6 show, where, among other things, poet Ron Whitehead recited "Hound Dog Taylor Blues" and Winston humped out his "Su Madre" dance, you'll have to wait for the documentary. The passionately political Winston, known to have shot off bullets in venues such as Dutch's Tavern and the now defunct Fat Cat's, doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Even with major heart problems (he had a double bypass last year), Winston doesn't stop working, as he is a current chunk of history. Among his endless stories to tell, of both the past and present, he was once asked by Jerry Garcia to join The Grateful Dead. He was close friends with Janis Joplin and worked with Frank Zappa for four years. The list continues, but you'll have to wait for the documentary ... His book, Endurance, can be purchased at Hawley-Cooke Booksellers, and he's extremely proud of Joyce "The Voice" Stewart ( "a bad motherf***er") and the Winettes.

Winston Hardy and the Roadmasters will perform at Air Devil's Inn on April 30, Derby Eve. In his words, he's still got his mouth.

Kevin Gibson has published a new book of short stories entitled Funeral for a Friend. This freelance writer has turned out many a cover story for Louisville Music News as well as his regular LEO gig. I enjoyed the book. Boom, boom, easy read (no pictures necessary) to conjure up the dark tales he weaves. Lots of dead people! Good luck to Kevin; buy his book.

If you love percussion (and who doesn't!), you must check out Hugh Petersen's new CD, Calling The Ancestors. This gem encapsulates Latin, Caribbean and African traditional cultural styles through hand drums, congas, bells and ukulele. Yes, ukulele. Repeat that word a lot and it freaks you out.

The players include Musa Uthman (Kente International, where I got my nose pierced), Sandra Livingston, Brother Shaheed, Erbie Johnson, Lafayette Cowden and, of course, Hugh.

A release party / performance will be held at Just Creations, on Frankfort Ave., May 8 from 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

I'm jealous of Hugh's endless exotic working trips, such as his upcoming St. Thomas gig. He'll be drumming for Levert at comedian Sinbad's yearly Summer Jam, raising money for Black colleges. So what, Hugh! I worked a full weekend at Big Dixie Bingo hall this month and they might have me back - whadda ya think of me now?

By the way, a Bloody Brain is one of those birthday shots you don't want to drink, but you have to, because everyone's insisting. It's supposed to taste like a chocolate-covered cherry, but there's nothing sugar-coated about it.

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Have a dreamy month!

(heart) Muffy