Chill with the Villa's Trip?

Trip Your Gazing House (independent)
The Villa Groove

By J. Bamforth

When I lived in Seattle, my roommate was the quintessential and stereotypical stoner. Nearly every memory I have of him has something to with A.) smoking weed; B.) being completely messed up from smoking too much in too short of a time; or C.) trying to find more. One of the best side benefits of living with Sean was there was always good music around that you could just sit back and chill to. There was not a violent song in this guy's collection. You could re-create the original Woodstock concert from his CD shelf (and he didn't even own the soundtrack.) After I moved, I started to miss that great collection; I had very little chill music ... until now.

The Villa Groove, which hails from Southern Indiana, has saved me. Their release, Trip Your Gazing House, is the perfect CD to just sit around with a few friends and do what Sean and I did best: chill. The sound is so laid-back and comfortable that, upon my initial listen in my van, I wanted to forget my busy schedule, go home and relax. It's therapy, really.

Blues with a hint of postmodern angst and the smell of spilt beer on a bachelor's couch is how I describe the sound, and that image still cannot do the right justice. All ten tracks are gems and testimony to the fact that kids today can produce more than punk and Nirvana rip-offs with of their guitars. The songs' themes may not be truly original: sex, beer, losing friends, etc., but the Groove's musical style makes the CD something special.

So, if like me, you would like to re-create memories past of smoke-filled college dorms, or you like to create your own laid-back afternoons, you can pick this album up at Better Days. Just plug in the lava lamp and the Christmas lights on the ceiling, pop in the CD and, well, chill.