Looks Like Prince Albert?

Ready Right Now (JSP Records)
Patrick Vining

By J. Bamforth

I have been a WWF fan since I was six years old. If you will ask my friends, they will tell you that my dedication to the pastime known as "sports entertainment" will never falter, fail or die. If you ask my girlfriend about it, she will say I'm a silly little kid who will never grow up. You may be asking yourself why I insist on bringing wrestling into this review. Well, for no reason in particular except that Patrick Vining bears a striking resemblance to a wrestler who goes by the moniker of `Prince Albert,' without all the piercings.

The music on Ready Right Now is disappointingly lacking in wrestling references, but that is the album's sole downside. Vining and his band, the Blue Sharks, come off without a hitch in their debut outing. No matter what type of blues or jazz you are into, there is a little piece of something for you on this CD.

For a trip down to Bourbon Street, try "Looking for Mercy." The previous track, "Thank You Baby," will make you feel like ordering a martini on Seattle's Jackson Street, while "Spending Cash" explores the classic blues theme of being heartbroken and out of money (or being heartbroken because you're out of money, one of the two).

If you love the blues and are looking for something modern and fresh to add to your collection, go pick up this CD, or if you are one of those people who have no idea which end of a saxophone is up and would like to sample all the different nuances of the blues, go pick up this CD. Either way, this album will become a permanent member of my collection, even though Vining isn't a pro-wrestler.