News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

What's up, Pit People! Read on for upcoming shows, CD reviews & news.

_ First up, hope everyone made it out to the Toy Tiger during its final days. The eve of the last night - Saturday, October 16 - featured Noize Bucket & the debut of Sideshow. The crowd turnout was pretty good.

The Tiger will definitely be missed, especially by the metal community.

__But alas-do not despair - it seems that there are some new clubs opening up that will cater to metal fans.

I hear that there is a new place called Skip's in the Hillview area. I have not been there yet, but I know E-Flat played there on October 16.

Also, I heard that a place called The Crunch Zone will be opening at the former location of The Flashback on South Preston Street. This should be cool - I'll let ya know more news as I hear it!

_Speaking of some new places to play, Faceplant played a show on October 22 at Pandemonium. There was also a very heavy show that same night at Headliners Music Hall: Flaw, Factor Nine, MSD, Engrind and Sideshow.

Some news for ya:

__Eddy Metal of Sideshow was recently fired from 100. 5 The Fox's Attitude Network. It seems that he was fired for playing a song that was deemed obscene by some higher up at the radio station. The song is by the band Twist (from Lexington) and is entitled "Skeeter Peter." I have not heard the song, but I was told that there is a line in the song in the voice of Barney, the children's purple dinosaur. I can't print the line here, but I don't personally find it offensive. In fact, I would venture to say that most listeners of the show didn't take the song that seriously and probably just thought the line was humorous. Also, Eddy states that he did not say any curse words while on the air.

We'll see what happens next. Eddy does plan to continue doing the Unsigned Extreme shows.

__Shapeless Matrix is planning to release a CD soon. With the departure of original bassist Joey Goldsmith, the band is looking for a new bass player.

Here are some upcoming shows for November:

__These shows brought to us by Spotlight Productions.

__Thursday, November 11 - Steve Vai with special guest Eric Sardinas at Headliners Music Hall.

__Friday, November 12 - a big show, also at Headliners: Snapcase, By The Grace Of God, Anti-Flag, Kid Dynamite and Buried Alive. This is an all-ages show and doors open at 6 p. m.

_Also, Friday, November 12 - Megadeth and Static-X at The Palace.

__Monday, November 22 at Headliners: Mike Ness of Social Distortion with The Road Kings. This show is 18 & over.

__November 20 at Pandemonium - Check out a lineup of some new bands in the area - Sideshow, Countermeasure, False (from Bardstown), and Sen. Be there!

__Around Turkey day, check out 100. 5 The Fox's Gobblestock show, featuring Sevendust, Chevelle, Loudmouth and others. Definitely be there to check out Sevendust!

_Now I have a few quickie reviews for ya, short, sweet and to the point-

The Death Of Your Perfect World (Victory Records)
Buried Alive

This is another one of the great bands on the Victory label. Heavy, angry and intense music out of Buffalo, New York. Each one of the twelve songs on this CD is ultra-heavy and has something to say. Such as "Poisoned Seeds," where vocalist Scott Vogel growls "Mother earth is beaten and she's raped / An animal's life is sacrificed just because we like the taste. Anything for human gain. Anything." Buy this CD and check out Buried Alive at Headliners on November 12. I'd give this 4 1/2 skulls!

Slipknot (Roadrunner Records)


The unexpected has come out of a small town in Iowa. Slipknot, a band of disturbed individuals playing some aggressive music with twisted lyrics. The band consists of nine members, playing your usual guitar, bass, and drums but also turntables, custom percussion and samples, which makes for quite an unusual sound. All and all, Slipknot does have their own sound except for a couple of the tunes that seem to be heavily influenced by Korn, such as "Spit It Out" and "Tattered and Torn." Do pay attention to the tunes "Eyeless," with the line "You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes." (Huh?!), "Wait and Bleed" and "Liberate. "

Buy it! 4 1/2 skulls.

Home (TVT Records)


This is the second release from this band from Georgia. Sevendust offers a little bit of everything to the listener. Much heaviness, but with enough melody to be radio-friendly without selling out. The band also has great musicians and a talented, soulful singer. Like their first release, this CD is very good. Maybe a little lighter on some tunes, but equally as good. Check out the trippy groove of "Headtrip" and the chugging bass in "Reconnect." Other picks of the bunch: "Rumblefish,""Crumbled," and "Feel So."

Buy this CD too and go see Sevendust at Gobblestock!

Slo Annie (Canyon Productions)

Slo Annie

This is a new Louisville-area band with a five-song CD. I would describe this as heavy rock with a bluesy feel in the vein of Brother Cane, but heavier. All five songs are good, but I especially like "One More Time,""False Reality," and "Slip Away."

Don't know much about this band except that they play good music! For more information, contact Slo Annie at-502-454-5776.

That's all for me this time-see ya next month! Support Louisville metal!