Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

It's a weird thing, what happened today while on a fishing trip. I went to a beautiful private lake in New Haven, Ky. and dipped the poles with a couple of friends. Seems like I need some time away from the "city," but I rarely consider planning this kind of thing. It was spontaneous. I can look at my calendar and everything is there, from gig info to returning calls, emails, buying food, even cutting my cat's toenails. But it never gives me any really good spiritual advice. I intended to get spiritual on Friday, until Lora and Michael banged on my door and convinced me they were sent for a reason. They stuck a funnel down my throat; we talked about ZZ Top and my housecleaning/file managing said `bye-bye' like a pair of cheap sunglasses.

Money monopolizes everything. That's no new news, but I hate it. So I try to fill my nights with work and days are never as long as when school brought summer vacation. There's the philosophical part.

The weird part is that every time I'd throw a worm in the water, I'd keep thinking it was a quarter. If the worm lasted awhile, I'd consider it a bonus. If it got nibbled too many times, I'd have to replace the worm, naturally. Although nightcrawlers are easy to come by, it seems a shame to not utilize the maximum potential once you have mutilated and pierced the slimy thing. I caught my first bluegill on one worm, but then it was four or five worms later before I decided to change to artificial bait. I felt like the fish were trying to "lure" or trick me so I'd keep throwing them quarters. I kept thinking about a worm ATM machine.

Then, this drunken guy came roaring up on his tractor-looking 4 x 4 thing and almost fell in the water while telling me he could never kill anybody. He was so out of sorts, I thought for sure someone would show up and throw him out, but later I realized that was dumb, because he lived there ... not in, but by the lake and you don't just toss someone out off their own neighborhood. He had a dog that kept trying to fetch my hook. But the guy kept saying what a GOOD dog this dog was; do you hear what I hear?!

No, I do not use drugs, I guess I just couldn't pure out. It's all about shaking off the hype, which has two sides, just like one good quarter. So let's meddle a bit.

The hottest new cover band I have seen in a long time is The Exploding Pintos. So there, Exploding Pintos, (saw 'em at Dutch's) ... you move me! These are some tight riffs and harmonies that most bands don't attempt. I'll hold up a high number card for dance-ability. But who cares what I think, when Rob Marston is singing "Roxanne" like an angel and Steve Adams is howling Badfinger songs like a broken hearted he-devil? I complimented drummer Mike at that show, called him a "winning hand" because he carries off these tough rhythms while relentlessly delivering complicated harmony parts. I've always wanted a drummer like that! Usually they complain when they are asked to sing. (Oh, you know it's so!) They're funny, too. Louisville likes cover bands. Louisville likes to dance! Anyway, if you want to get their gig schedule, email me.

Patrick Moore has an entertaining and professional - looking website at www.mooresongs.com that recently won the Golden Web Award. I'm not sure what that is, exactly, but he deserves something for his site, because he does a great PR job! (clap, clap). Unfortunately, I have no sound card in my computer, so I can't sample the 23 songs available for download, but I can try to remember to watch his cable TV show every Thursday night at 6 p.m. on channel 70. He travels a lot, has a zillion videos, and, well, you may want to check the site out yourself, there are so many songs and available lyrics. Among other places, notice his bright web address sign on your next trip to that massive casino boat, Caesars.

The band with no name, mentioned in last month's column, is still in need of one, for some reason. The contest is still on. Party with the band if they call themselves what you suggest. Thanks to Michele, Megan, and Timmy (Roberts) for your considerate ideas. Keep 'em coming, these guys must be hard to please!

The building formerly known as Kiwi's, Sunset East etc. is now Beau Weevil's, formerly known as Pete's Cajun `99. It's on Bardstown Road, close to the Mid-City Mall, in case you don't know. Look for good Cajun food with outside dining, all-u-can-eat specials and parking! I like it. It could turn out to be a very popular place, with the proper PR! (clap, clap).

I want to talk about the face that Jynx has tattooed on the back of his head, but I don't have room this month. It's so cool, though. Eerie, it is.

I'm working at Wick's tonight - if you're reading this on a Tuesday,- as always!

Have an expressive month!

(heart) Muff

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