News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey Hey Hey!! What's happening? Well, pit folk - summer is almost out of here - but looks like fall will be quite a good time of the year for heavy music. Check out these upcoming shows - and I also have some CD reviews for ya. Read on. . . . . . !

Here are a couple of cool shows coming up - not exactly death metal - but definitely worth checking out!!-

Fuel and Jimmy's Chicken Shack at A1A in Lexington on September 15, `99.

Seven Mary Three at Headliners Music Hall on September 29.

Loudmouth and a special guest to be announced on September 22 at The Toy Tiger.

Big Shows That Are Not To Be Missed By You _-

September 4 - FNK Fest - featured headliners - My Own Victim, Flaw and Primer 55. Also playing will be Concrete Peach, Engrind, Contorsion, , F-5, Lifetap, Noise Bucket, Omerta and Twist.

Dudes and dudettes, this is an all-ages show that will be held at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds. That's eleven bands for $10 - talk about money well spent! Gates open at 11:00 a. m. and the music will go on until midnight. You may also camp on the premises for no charge. Don't bring any bottles, coolers, or cans - food and drink will be available for sale. Eddie Metal of The Attitude Network (100. 5 The Fox) will host this event. For more info. - listen to The Attitude Network or contact Rob White at (502) 261-9248.

September 24 - also brought to us by The Attitude Network - "Unsigned Extreme 6" - at The Toy Tiger. Come mosh to the extreme heaviness of six amazing bands - Crone, Sevenfold, Engrind, Factor 9, Krossmember and E-Flat!!

Come out and show your support for local metal. Special thanks to The Attitude Network for arranging these shows and also to The Toy Tiger for always supporting heavy music!!

Be looking for possible shows coming up from the following: Dope, Coal Chamber, Sevendust ( with a new CD out, by the way), and, rumor has it, Snapcase at Headliners sometime in November, along with five other bands. Also, watch for The Sextasy Ball in October at the Tiger. More news as I hear it!

I have a few quickie CD reviews for you. Yes, they're short but sweet and will tell ya all you need to know. Read on . . . read on . . .

Electric Frankenstein - How To Make A Monster (Victory Records) - Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary here, but good, fun, punky feeling stuff. It's pretty heavy - some stuff reminds me of the Butthole Surfers. On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being the best) - I would give it 2 1/2 skulls.

Blacksheep - Sacrifice (Rocks' Cool Records) - Not too bad, but it's hard to tell what year this four-song CD came out. If I had not looked inside the CD cover, I probably would have guessed around 1989-90. Vocals sound like Kiss' Paul Stanley. I did love the metal of the 80's - but this is a little too dated sounding. I'd give 1 1/2 skulls.

Angra - Fireworks (Century Media) - Progressive metal here - heavy and classically influenced. Very good musicians who are very precise. Have to be in the mood to listen to this. Check out the opening moody guitar on "Petrified Eyes. " I'd give it 3 skulls.

Rhythm Trip - Return Of Da' Dragon (Digital Dimension Records) - Rap Metal out of New Jersey - definitely some heavy music, but this CD has more of a rap feel than anything. Do check out "Who Holdz Da Crown. " 2 1/2 skulls.

No Innocent Victim - Flesh and Blood (Victory Records) - Got a sample of this band a couple of months ago on the Victory compilation disc Only The Strong" That was only a taste of what No Innocent Victim has to offer. Very heavy, fast, aggressive music - "My Beliefs" rules. All I can say on this one is - GO GET IT NOW! You will not be disappointed. Better make room in your home for moshing to this CD. 4 skulls

For more info. on this or any other band on the Victory label - /or write to: Victory Records, P. O. Box 146546, Chicago, Illinois 60614.

One last note for ya - Coming in Sept. /Oct., look for Ball One/Strike 2 Double Play - A Metal Salute (2 CD set) and also check out Ball Buster Magazine at its web site:

Whew! I'm outie for now. See ya next month! Support all metal!!