News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Greetings, Pit People! Read on for some news, show dates for April and quickie reviews!

• First up - here are a couple of web sites that metal fans should definitely check out: , which features articles, updates and interviews with numerous metal acts. Also, check out , which is called Louisville Music Scene . There are links to several local band sites on this site.

• If you have plans to go Mayhem in May, which was scheduled for May 19 and 20 in L.A., the show has been postponed due to an unexpected change in venue. Per promoter Jack Koschick, the festival will be moved to the fall. A new show date should be announced in early April.

• Make plans now to attend the 14 Annual Milwaukee Metalfest, happening July 28 & 29 at the Milwaukee Auditorium. Bands, exhibitors, and labels interested in being part of the event should call Jack Koshick Presents at (414) 225 - 9026 or fax (414) 225 - 9025.

Or write 1626 North Prospect Avenue, Suite 1801, Milwaukee, Wis.53202.

• News in the local area - Eddy Metal is proposing the idea of a metal radio show to WLRS . If this sounds good to you, give the Walrus a call at 625-1220. More news as I hear it!

• Other news from Eddy: the band Sideshow is looking for a singer.

• Any bands interested in playing the "Original Rock Showcase" shows at The Phoenix Hill Tavern should contact Eddy at or send a CD & info to 4006 South 5 Street, Louisville, Ky. 40214.

• The band Strych9, who made their Louisville debut on March 10 at Shockers, have found out that several bands across the U.S. are also using the name Strych9. The band will announce a new name and other news at their next show on May 6 at the Pandamonium. Other bands at this show will be Sen, False, and Silent Agony.

A last minute entry: Strych9 will be playing on April 21 at CeCe's Pizza in Elizabethtown. Show starts at 9 p.m.

• Sen recently finished recording a 6-song debut CD at Polaris Recording Studios. They will be having a CD release party on April 22 at Shockers on the Outer Loop. Show time is 8 p.m. and will cost ya $5. The CD will be sold at the show for 5 bucks.

Other bands on this bill - Incursion, My Life Denial, My Own Victim, and False.

Sen also has a new web site at

• Dead of Dawn will soon release a 7 song EP. More as I hear it!

• Steve Nall from Hatestruck has announced that drummer Jamie Finch has left the band for personal reasons. If you are interested in pounding the skins for Hatestruck, log on to

Check out the site & link to an mp3 page to download a song.

• Here's some more show dates for ya:

• April 7 - "Original Rock Showcase" at the Phoenix Hill Tavern, in the Roof Garden. Check out Purple Jesus, Luther, Glasspack and Killcycle . This show will be ultra heavy! Also - an early announcement for the May "Original Rock Showcase." This one will feature E - Flat, Aquajones, Voodoo Machine and White Noise.

Also, on April 7 - Sen, Faceplant, E-Flat, and Disarray at Shockers . Show starts at 8 p.m. - $5.

• April 1 at Fern Creek Community Center - Faceplant, My Own Victim and Adrenaline Intake . Show time is 9 p. m. - $5 at the door.

• April 9 – at Sparks - an 18 and over show with Sen , Flaw and others to be announced.

• April 21 - at Pandamonium - Red Sun, Sen, USV and Die Trying.

• Of course, don't forget Kiss at Freedom Hall on April 29. Ted Nugent and Skid Row open this show. Hope you got tickets,. 'cause this baby is SOLD OUT!! Look for a review in a future issue.

Now, I have some Quickie Reviews – short, sweet and to the point!

(Rating scale - 1-5 skulls. "5" is best!)

Eighty - Seven (Independent)

Flat Mary Stone

This band hails from Leburn, Ky. and brings with them a melodic, heavy sound. This CD was released in 1997 but doesn't sound dated. Flat Mary Stone does rock with a heavy edge and sometimes bluesy feel, sort of in the vein of Creed.

The CD opens with the rumbling bass and drums from the tune "87"and continues with 10 more songs. My picks of the bunch - "Fall Again," "Overrated," "Blame/Walk Away" and "Wait Still" - which has a good groove and feel. I can see this song being played in heavy rotation on rock radio.

If your taste runs more towards Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death, then this won't do it for ya, but if you're a fan of all styles of hard music, then this should be pleasing to you! For more info - contact Flat Mary Stone at - P.O. Box 316, Leburn, Ky. 41831, (606)785 - 4102. Email: Also - check out the web site

I'd give this • • • - 3 ½ skulls!

The Priceless Sanity of Jack Match (Independent)


Powerful stuff from a Louisville band. This CD opens with a long intro and then slams you in the face with six incredibly raw and heavy tunes.

The first song is "Rats in the Wall" - which I believe is about incest. This is a moving song that ends with a chilling guitar line. My other picks of the bunch are the slow and moody "P.S.O.J.M." and the ultra-chunky sound of "Shape."

Put simply, all the songs on this CD kick butt!! Buy it now!!

The CD is available at Ear X - Tacy and Better Days record stores.

Contact Contortion at and check out their web site –

I give this • • • • • 5 skulls!

"Spit (Ng Records/Artemis Records)


Damn! This one blew me away from the first listen! If you haven't heard of Kittie yet - listen up! Yes, they are an all-female band, but this definitely ain't no Spice Girls!

Kittie rocks loud and hard, with crushing guitars, pounding bass and drums, and angry, death-like vocals. All the songs on this CD are impressive, so it's hard to pick a favorite, but I really, really like "Spit," "Trippin'," "Charlotte," "Suck," "Raven," and "Choke."

You must go buy this now!! It kicks major butt!! Hey Kittie - you go, girls!!

Please read my review of the Sevendust show at Headliners.

OK, people, I'm outta here.

Support all metal! See ya next month.