Sidway Steps Down

By Paul Moffett

All good things must end, and so it is we witness, with this issue, the passing of the baton from Ralph Hunt Sidway, our Cover Photographer for the past four years, to James Moses, whose intimate portraits of Peter Searcy grace this month's issue.

Hunt has compiled a staggering portfolio of images during his tenure with Louisville Music News. Starting in our old Black & White days, and continuing through our transition to color printing, and inaugurating an era of all-digital covers, his photographs of Louisville artists vary from classic studio portraits, to whimsical and often powerful digital creations, sometimes even combining the two approaches. Who could forget his amazing, comic-book-like cover of Superface, or his sensitive, insightful portrait of Dan Gediman? These images are on permanent display on Huntís website, at:

 However, you will soon be able to see this outstanding collection of Louisville Music News Covers on a grand scale, at a special, retrospective exhibit of Huntís work, opening Wednesday, June 7, at Artopia, in the Old Sears Building in St. Matthews. State-of-the-Art digital enlargements (produced at Murphyís Camera) ranging from 8x10 to 30x40 inches, combined with CD Listening Posts (provided by ear X-tacy) featuring many of the cover artists' current releases, will anchor this interactive, multimedia, cross-disciplinary celebration of Louisville music. Of course, live music will be featured at the opening. And, for the cyber-conscious, computer link-ups will provide continuous access to, as well as Huntís website, where both the full range of Louisville music, and the full breadth of Hunt Sidway's photographic and musical work, will be on display.

 So, watch this space for updates on this landmark exhibit, and join us as we extend our thanks to Ralph Hunt Sidway for helping to promote Louisville music over the past four years. We wish him continued success in all his endeavors.

-- Be sure to check out the website, especially the new sections on music and writings at: