Bob Just Can't Get Enough Of Lynn's Singing

You'll Never Be The Sun (Rounder)

Lynn Morris

By Bob Mitchell

Oh, how sweet it is! This release is not flashy, it is just plain good. The ensemble is one of the finest, if not THE FINEST traditional acoustic bluegrass bands on the road today. Yes, they are a small group (only four musicians), but they have a large sound.

Morris' vocals are heartfelt, especially on the title cut, "You'll Never Be The Sun." "Wrong Road Again" is about a one-sided relationship. Perhaps, the lady in question should listen to "The Likes of You" and "Scraps From Your Table," two feisty tunes from a self-assured woman who decided she had enough of one-sided relationships. Ron Stewart's fiddle and banjo work is also pretty spunky. My, my, what a musician!

Marshall Wilburn provides his usual strong, steady bass line as well as several novelty vocal tunes, including "Destination Love" and "Seventeen Cents." Additionally, there is some mighty fine frailing banjo from his wife, Lynn.

The project contains two soulful duets and new covers for "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine" and "If Teardrops Were Pennies." Both tracks are country classics with the feel of the original releases.

"Twister," a Ron Stewart original, has "standard" written all over it. Stewarts' work contains the same drive and bluegrass fire as Earl Scruggs. In a review about four years ago, I said "Ron is a bluegrass song's best friend" and I stand by that statement. Stewart is currently working on his first self-titled project. Hurry up, Ron!

This is one CD you won't get tired of and it should be in your collection. To learn more about Lynn Morris or to obtain a copy of this CD, visit your local musical distributor or contact