News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Greetings to all people of the Pit. Read on for shows, news and a few quickie CD reviews. Read on, read on. . . First up shows, of course. While there don't seem to be as many shows happening this month as there have been lately, there's still enough going on to keep ya busy, so check out the following shows:

August 2 Pandamonium Arcade Undying, Crestfallen, End This Day and Encasement. Show time is 6:30 p. m. $7 at the door.

Friday August 4 "Original Rock Showcase" at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Roof Garden Go see Supafuzz, Planet, Adaptor and Cornbread Mafia. Early notice for the September "Original Rock Showcase" prepare for Room for Emotion, Screaming Through December, Month of Sundays and Chronic Jones. These shows are 21 and over.

Saturday, August 5 Krosmember, MSD and Flaw at Tekworld. 8 p. m. $5.

Thursday, August 10 Ozzfest 2000 at Deer Creek Music Center near Indianapolis. The Ozzfest's definitely not to be missed! The tour will feature numerous heavy acts such as Pantera, Kittie, Incubus, Godsmack and, of course, the Madman himself and master of ceremonies OZZY. I'1l have a review for ya in the September issue!

August 11, 8 p. m. Tekworld lncursion, Sen, One With Misery and TBA.

August l8 CiCi's, Elizabethtown. Contortion and lnmate 42.

Saturday, August 25 Pandamonium Arcade One With Misery, lncursion, Sen and lnmate 42.

If you don't already know about this one, you're probably out of luck, 'cause if it ain't sold out yet, it will be by the time you read this. That's right, kiddies my fave KISS is coming to our fair state once again in Lexington, that is on Friday, September 8, 7 p. m., to Rupp Arena. I highly recommend checking out Kiss even if you have seen them a ton of times already. As for me well, l never grow tired of hearing classics such as "Strutter" and "Deuce. " Will tell you all about it in a future issue.

News and Tidbits

News from inmate 42 drummer Jason Hargrove has left the band and has been replaced by former Noise Bucket drummer Jason Hensley. The band recently finished recording a 4-song EP Panaphobia: Fear of Everything. Look for the disc at the above upcoming shows. For more info, log on www. angelfire. com /music2 /inmate4Z

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society and former axeman for Ozzy is working on a film with Mark Wahlberg, which will be titled Metal God. Go to www. heavymetal.about. com to read an interview with Mr. Wylde and to find out the latest on all that is metal.

Lots of news from Terry Harper, drummer for Sen. The band has sold out their debut CD at recent shows. They have CDs at $7 and T-shirts at $10, which should be available at upcoming shows. l will have a CD review in the September issue.

Terry says that Sen, which made their debut in September 1999, had set a goal to play as many shows as possible anytime, anywhere, in one year to get their name and music out to as many people as possible. I know that Sen has sometimes played 2 or 3 shows in one night. That's definitely what l'd call dedication to one's craft. Well, guys l'd say you've accomplished your goal and then some! For more info & updates log on to www. senmusic. da. ru.

Be on the watch for the 100. 5 The Fox Compilation CD, which will feature the best of our Louisville bands.

There is a new metal band in Louisville called Soulpool. To check out their sound, click to www.mp3. com/soulpool. More news & a review in next month's issue.

Bands in need of logo or CD cover designs check out http://community. webtv. net/BOLTAX/BOLTAXS, the website for Boltax Graphic Designs and Metal Art by Chris Boulton, or email at BOLTAX@webtv. get for more information. The site is being updated so more designs will be shown soon or you can have your ideas custom designed.

I took a little road trip to see Corrosion Of Conformity at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on July 15. As l mentioned in the July issue, C. O. C. has a new album due to hit the streets on September 25. The band signed a deal with Sanctuary Records and distribution will be through BMG. They are recording in Raleigh as we speak.

I can say first hand that the new material is raw and heavy enough to rip someone a new you know what! C. O. C. played a mix of tunes from Deliverance and Wiseblood, including "Clean My Wounds," "Albatross," "Senor Limpio," (Yesss!!) and "Seven Days. " A couple of new tunes "Gettin' lt On," "Dagger" and "Who's Got The Fire" all got a good response, as was demonstrated by the zealous mosh pit. The new album is tentatively titled America's Volume Dealer. l'll have more news in upcoming issues.

ln the meantime, continue to wait patiently for the record, scheduled for release in September, with a tour to follow. The website is being updated frequently and may feature some sound clips in the next month or so, so click to www. corrosivecabaal. com for more information.

I want to thank Trey Carvel "'Th¢ Cabaal Big Wig" and longtime frend and assistant to C. O. C. Trey thanks again for everything!

Now l have a few quickie CD reviews for you short, sweet and to the point! (Rating scale is 1 5 skulls. Five skulls means you should skip buying lunch for a couple of days & buy the CD ASAP!!

Brave New World (P0rtrair/ Columbia)
Iron Maiden

This long-awaited release from Iron Maiden was well worth the wait. The band, featuring original members Bruce Dickinson on vocals, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith on guitars, Steve Harris on bass, Nicko McBrain on drums and more recent member Janick Gers, who completes the triple guitar attack, have put out another classic Maiden album.

The album stays in normal Maiden fashion with some flashbacks on Number Of The Beast and Powersave, but still manages to have a modern sound.

My picks of the ten tracks are "The Wicker Man, " "Blood Brothers, " "The Nomad" and "The Thin Line Between Love And Hate. " The music and vocals on the album are very tight and as always, Steve Harris' bass playing is amazing. Long time fans will be pleased and new fans will be gained as well with "Brave New World"


Resurrection ( Steamhammer/S'PV GmbH)

Venom, the founding fathers of black metal return, with their 13th album, the aptly titled Ressurection. The band has been in the business of black metal for a long time now and certainly qualifies ash a legend in this genre.

This CD is fourteen songs of dark and evil metal. My picks of the bunch are the title track "Resurrection, " "All There Is Fear, " "Disbeliever" and "Thirteen. " Venom has been around for a while and some may consider them to be geezers. But these guys know what they're doing and I guarantee they could send some new school metal bands running with their tails between their legs!

For black metal done right

Process of Elimination (Independent)

Intense metal from Louisville band Execrate. Killer double-bass drumming, angry vocals and fast, furious guitar and bass make for mosh pit material. My picks of the bunch are "Green Factor, " "Loophole, " "None Of The Above, " and "Naive. " This is very impressive, especially coming from guys ranging in age from 16 18. 1 can only see Execrate getting better with time! For more info, log on www. execrate. da. ru

For some vezy heavy stuff

Ok people ~l'm out of herel Thanks to everyone for sending me all your info, show dates, etc. Please email E pitnews@yahoo. com See ya next month! Support all metal!