News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey Pit kids! Read on for shows, a little news and a quickie CD review.

Shows during the winter months usually slow down a tad, but there are actually quite a few happening in our fair city, so check'em out!

There are two big "Do Not Miss" shows going on in December, so write this down:

Friday, December 1 - "Original Rock Showcase" at the Phoenix Hill Tavern's Roof Garden, featuring Planet, Suckerpunch, Flat Mary Stone and 2 Ton Groove. This is the last showcase of 2000 - so get yer butt out there to have a roaring good time!

The good times continue right into 2001 - early notice for January showcase - Friday, January 5 - "One Year Anniversary Original Rock Showcase" - featuring five bands - Warhead, Faceplant, E - Flat, Point Of Anger and the debut of 13th Level, a group made up of former members of Killcycle, Inhuman, Stoneflesh and Unrule. Be there!

The "1st Annual Louisville Metal Festival," Saturday, December 16 at Headliners, is going to be a blast! This show will feature nine heavy bands. Here's the line-up:

Flaw - recently signed to Republic/Universal Records for a seven - record deal. Congrats! Better catch these boys at home while ya can - they'll be hitting the road before ya know it!

Faceplant - Loud, raw, angry and in your face - better put your mosh gear on before you step foot in this pit.

Incursion 502 - Evil metal coming your way.

Factor IX - Heavy,melodic, in the vein of Tool - awesome singer!

E - Flat - heavy rap-core - getting lots of radio play on 100.5 The Fox's Louisville Rocks show. New CD coming out soon, too.

MSD - aggressive metal with a moody groove.

Intak - heavy with a hardcore/rap sound mixed in - just finished recording a CD, which will be available at the Metal Fest.

Leaves - Sludgy metal that packs a heavy punch - coming our way from Indiana.

Aqua Jones - Energetic hardcore in the vein of Rage Against The Machine.

This is your chance to see all nine bands tear it up live at Headliners. There will also be a balloon drop, fire blowers and more! The bands are selling tickets, so buy ‘em from the performers first.

You can also buy tickets at ear X - tacy, Headliners and Mom's Music in Jeffersonville. This show is the real deal for much heavy music. Be there!

Here are more cool shows going on this month:

December 2 - Tek World on Preston Hwy. - Suicide Prevention Show - Faceplant, My Own Victim, Factor IX, Execrate and One With Misery - 7 p.m. - $6 .

December 8 - Tek World on Preston - Victory Records Recording artists Run Devil Run with My Own Victim, Execrate and False. Showtime is 8 p.m. - $6 .

December 9 - Tom Sawyer Park - Sen, MSD and Blyss.

December 9 - Frankfort Avenue Pub - check out Rifle and Luther.

December 15 - Tek World On Preston - Incursion 502, Onslaught, Countermeasure and TBA. Doors open at 6 p.m. - $5 .

On Friday, December 15, 9 p.m. Rifle, Seth, Intak and 13th Level will play a 21 & over show the Crunch Zone, 2126 S. Preston (formerly the Flashback). $5.

December 16 - Tek World - Contortion, One With Misery and Inmate 42. 7 p.m. - $5 .

 Ready for a road trip? - C.O.C. and Clutch are doing a co-headlining tour - also on the bill - Sixty Watt Shaman and Flybanger (please see my quickie Flybanger CD review). No shows in Louisville at the moment, but some are pretty close to home: December 9 at The Galaxy in St.Louis, MO; December 11 at the House Of Blues in Chicago, Illinois and December 14 at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio.

News and Tidbits


I know we were all looking forward to it, but unfortunately the Pantera tour has been postponed. Frontman Phil Anselmo broke two ribs while working at his New Orleans House Of Shock haunted house. The tour will be rescheduled, starting February 2001. More news as I hear it.

Another injured music man - Reed Mullin, drummer for Corrosion Of Conformity, will not be hitting the road with the band for the start of their co-headlining tour with Clutch. Having been bothered with back ailments for the last several years, things have now gotten so bad that Mullin is almost physically unable to play without being in constant pain. He is scheduled for an operation on November 30 and has plans to get on the road as soon as he is able.

Jimmy Bower from Eyehategod will be filling in on drum duties for the time being. Get well soon guys - we need ya out on tour!

Megadeth has signed a five-record deal with Sanctuary Records.

Chris Marple, formally of Headstoned, is the new drummer in Execrate.

The Ultrasound Convention will be held the weekend of March 10 & 11 in Los Angeles. The convention will be two days of live bands and various panels, with topics ranging from "Music and The Internet" to "Publicity / Press / A & R" and several other discussions.

Bands interested in playing the live showcase may submit packages to Ultrasound 2001 before January 12, 2001. Please visit . Fill out the form provided and mail to: Ego Trip Entertainment, 717 South Mill Avenue, #104, Tempe, AZ.85281.

Got one quickie CD review for ya:

Outlived (Gotham Records)


The Outlived EP is Flybanger's American debut. There are only five songs to give you a taste of what this band is all about, but that's all it took for me. The band is originally from Canada and was previously known as Jar.

All the tunes are heavy, yet melodic, which is something you don't hear a lot of nowadays. Vocalist Garth (no last name) can sing really well and belt out those screams when the need arises.

My picks of the bunch are "Mind Alone," "Outlived" and "Freeze Up."

Flybanger doesn't really sound like any other band out now - which is refreshing! If I had to describe their sound, I'd say it reminds me of early Soundgarden.

Look for the full length release Headtrip To Nowhere on Columbia Records - due out in January 2001.

Also check 'em out on tour with Clutch and C.O.C. in December.


That's all for me this month. Thanks to everyone for sending me show dates and such. Please email me

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Support local metal. See ya in the Pit!