Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
By Henry C. Mayer

Many Talents Give Breathtaking Beauty To "Swan Lake"!

Louisville Ballet's recent performances of Tchaikowsky's "Swan Lake" owes its success to a number of other persons who did not take curtain calls: the tireless and talented choreography of Helen and Alun Jones; Terrence Orr and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for lending scenery, props and costumes; Julia Trevelyan Oman for superb scenic design; Henry Heyman's work on costume design; Michael Ford's singular gifts and energy for appropriate lighting and the talented labors of the company's professional and clerical personnel, especially for rehearsal and promotion activities.

A special recognition goes to Dale Brannon, for his "iron man" performance in all four presentations as the sorcerer – the villain of the piece – and to Joy Williams Bell, who has been with the company since its beginning, as the Queen.

No ballet is any better than its musical accompaniment and this includes both the Louisville Orchestra and longtime maestro, Jeff Holland Cook, whose finesse with ballet music knows few equals. It is nothing for him to arrive here the day before the first performance and to leave the day after the final one.

In appreciation, this observation must include production sponsors Ford Motor Company and Anthem and our ballet physicians: Bill Breuer, Alan Rath and Stacie L. Grossfeld.