One Part Lullaby (Interscope)
The Folk Implosion

By Mark Zimmerman

Have you ever felt like you were stepping into a new world full of electronic gizmos and computerized everything's? Then all of a sudden, you look ahead and see an aged coffee shop from way back, with music exploding from within. Walking inside, the music attempts to take you over, trying to hold back the feeling overtakes you and eruption takes its toll on you. Body's moving, everyone's grooving and the dancing begins, head's bobbing and everything is chill as the futuristic life everyone is living disintegrates into a mellow jam with visualized lyrics.

One Part Lullaby, a work of considerable talent and the new album from Folk Implosion, can take you to this 'land without reality.' The Folk Implosion has only three main members: Lou, Korg and John, last names not mentioned in the credits. Lou is the main writer and throughout the entire album, he shows many different styles of writing. In mellow songs like "Gravity Decides," Lou speaks about his feelings and being pushed, and then in "Free To Go," he speaks of happiness and all the virtuous things in life. This musically explosive band contains a variety of instruments, from a harp to a bucket to a glass of water. One Part Lullaby is an unusual album that should attract a variety of people of all backgrounds and views. This is a "must buy" for two reasons: tranquil jams and lyrics of mellow sympathy.