Sunday Drive

Doors Wide Open (Provident)

By Robert Gruber

For the CCM radio programmer wanting to put a little punch in the regular rotation of Bob Carlisle, Point of Grace and 4Him, Sunday Drive is a dream come true. The lyrics are upfront, yet hip and catchy, the vocals are sweet, yet soulful, and the music is pure pop, but with more beat, more snap – almost enough to provoke angry phone calls from little old ladies. Almost. There's one song, “Sunshine,” with a toe-tappin' strut and an ambiguous enough lyric that it could be a sizeable crossover hit, should someone at Provident want to work it hard enough. “God Is Good” provides another interesting moment, with it's Sgt. Pepper-style strings and mellotron sounds. Other tunes, like “Doors Wide Open,” “Soul Revolution” and “I Am the One” will grab your attention with creative harmonies and that undeniable beat.