Do You Believe.... (Bricklayer Communications

Thom Shumate

By Robert Gruber

Urban minister turned singer/songwriter Thom Shumate made a splash with critics in '96 with a critically acclaimed debut album, Promise of Love, on Questar/Mission Records. Now Shumate is back on a new label with a very strong follow-up, Do You Believe.... Working in an acoustic, soft-rock vein with a slight country air, Shumate's new tunes breathe with a wide open, natural feel. Lyrically, he keeps the mission in the message with songs like "Love Draws You Near" and "Walk On." And while he has a veritable who's who of Christian singers backing him (including Susan Ashton, Lisa Bevill and John Cox), Shumate doesn't need the added starpower to shine. Fans of Wayne Watson's newer stuff, or maybe Gary Chapman, will find much to like on Do You Believe....