News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Happy New Year to all People of the Pit!! Here's to another year of loud & heavy music - yeah baby!! Read on for upcoming shows, CD and show reviews and my interview with dope! Read on, read on . . .

First up – upcoming shows of course:

January 7 - at the Phoenix Hill Tavern's Roof Garden - check out Faceplant, Engrind, E-Flat, and Pownd. Show time is 8:30 p.m. - Be there early!! This is something new of sorts, for the Phoenix Hill to feature metal bands. It's a great idea, so I say we all get our butts out there for this show! If the turnout is good, then this could only mean more shows, which is ultra cool for the bands and the fans!! So Be There!

January 14 - at Pandemonium - Sen, E-Flat and Zero Cycle.

The Playground is going to start having more metal shows as well. On January 28 - the featured bands will be - Dumpgang, MSD, Engrind and Dead of Dawn.

The following night will be - Twist, Sideshow, Faceplant, and Luther (who I'm glad to hear are back together – yay!)

Eddy Metal is putting these shows together - for more information or if your band is interested in booking a show - call him at 367-2080 or e-mail at -

Be sure to tune in to The Attitude Network with Black Frank –Saturdays at midnight on 100. 5 The Fox - to hear the above mentioned bands & more!

Hope everyone got to check out the heavy shows that happened recently at Headliners - The After Gobblestock Party – which featured Factor 9 and My Own Victim, with their new, very energetic singer, who definitely got the crowd pumped!

Also, in early December, after the Kid Rock show, Evil Engine #9, Twist and E-Flat gathered for a night of hardcore.

Hope to see more metal shows at Headliners in the near future!

Speaking of Factor 9 - they don't have any shows booked at the moment, but are in the process of recording a full-length CD that will be released in mid-January. They have a three-song CD that is out now. I will have reviews of both CDs in a future issue.

Tour News for 2000: Incubus and System of a Down start a tour in January. Dope, Powerman 5000 and Static X will hit the road in January as well.

Quickie Reviews - short, sweet, and to the point! -

System of a Down (Bonus Pack) (American Recordings)

System of a Down

This CD has been out for a little while now; but the bonus pack includes the initial album and a second CD with four previously unreleased live tracks, a video for the song "Sugar" and behind the scenes footage, which is way cool for those of us with computers and CD-ROM.

The four live tracks are: "Sugar," "War," "Suite-Pee" and "Know." The tunes were recorded at Irving Plaza in NYC in January 1999.

If you're a big fan, I would recommend buying this CD. It will bring you great joy!

System of a Down is a peculiar bunch, indeed - sure do love ‘em!

Skip buying lunch for the week - spend your last bit of quid on this!

felons and revolutionaries (Epic/Flip)


The first time that I heard this CD, my immediate thoughts were "Oh yeah! I like this - I like it a lot!"

After many more listens; my thoughts remain the same.

Dope's sound is in the industrial vein, sort of Nine Inch Nails-ish but much heavier. The band features keyboards along with crunchy guitars, chugging bass and drums and angry, intense vocals. This gives dope a multitude of sounds, ranging from industrial-metal to techno-punk. Talk about being jacks of all trades. These guys got it going on!

Check out the evil bass and ultra heaviness of "Sick," the chunky groove of "Spine For You," and dope's killer version of N.W.A. 's "F**k the Police. "

Also, listen to vocalist Edsel's viewpoint of the world on "Pig Society" and "America The Pitiful."

Boys and girls - dope will kick your butt big time!! Become an addict!

On a scale of 1 to 5, this is definitely five skulls. I absolutely love it! You must go buy this now, before you experience withdrawal symptoms!

Well people, that's all for me this month. Hope everyone has a very heavy 2000. Please e-mail at pitnews@yahoo. com with any show dates, comments, or any other information. I'm outie - see ya in the pit!!