Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts
By Henry C. Mayer

Kentucky Opera Begins 2000-2001 Season!

Two elections, one for officers and board members of the Board of Trustees, the other for officers of the Guild; launched Kentucky Opera's new season. The first election took place at Vincenzo's Restaurant on June 2, after a delicious dinner and Vincenzo's unique hospitality. Here are the results:

Robert Gable, President; Samuel Corbett, Executive Vice President; Barry Bingham, Jr., VP–strategic planning; Christian L. Campbell, VP – corporate development; Donald G. Wenzel, Jr., VP – patron development; James E. Haynes, VP-raffle; William E. Juckett, VP – wine auction; Susan Yeager, Judge / VP at. large; Katherine M. Davis – Treasurer; Frances B. Jones Berry – Secretary; Jane Boyer – Honorary and National Council Chair; Susan E. Moss – Immediate Past President.

Trustees: W. Walter Anderson; Sue Bauer; Frances B. Jones Berry; William G. Brown; Charles Francesoni: Robert. E. Gable; Mrs. John R. Hall; Mrs. John Holtman; William E. Juckett; Mrs. Dennis J. Judge; Walter W. Neely; Mrs. Paul E. Patton; Mrs. James Proud.

Three officers will be serving the second year of a two year term: Susan Yeager Jones, President; Eldon Dale Golden, 2nd Vice President; Suzanne C. Jones, corresponding Secretary. Elected for two year terms were: John Martin Rutherford, 1st Vice President; Stephanie Bradner, Recording Secretary; Roger Hickman, Treasurer.

Six members were considered for the Guild s Volunteer Of The Year Award and the winner was Doris Batliner. During the past year, Ms. Batliner gave 388 hours, which makes her total go past 2,000 hours. She has also been a chorus member in eighteen operas.

New Guild activities will include: the Rudd Program for Young Artists, Adopt An Artist; Story Telling During Book Sales.

This year's young artists will be: Emily Sinclair; Phumzile Sojola; Eric McKeever and Rebecca Bortz. Ms. Bortz and Mr. McKeever sang at the recent Guild meeting amidst enthusiasm and admiration. This writer has heard quite a few artists sing Figaro's recital of his achievements and gifts but this was one of the most vivid. The young people will close their stay with a joint recital on December 10.

Interested in the Guild? Call 584-4500