To Our Readers and Local Artists:

Two months ago I accepted the position of CD review editor as a displacement more than a replacement. The last person to coordinate and edit this section, Bob Bahr, left Louisville about two years ago. Since then Editor-in-Chief Paul Moffett had been collecting and editing this section as part of his monthly task of producing the LMN on time (and selling ads and nagging the writers and getting it printed and coding the LMN website and keeping in touch with all the city's musicians and paying the staff, et-cetera, et-exhausting-cetera).

I took on the added assignment to slightly displace the stress of Paul's numerous responsibilities, but not without creating a direction for this section of the LMN. Put another way, I didn't want to take on the job and just cut-and-paste reviews into a document, make sure they read well, then send it off. I wanted this to be a resource for local music buyers who want to know if they'll get their money's worth and local music performers who want honest appraisals of their work, and who will also get their money's worth when the review copy they paid to make actually lands in someone's CD player.

My policy as CD Review Editor will be to make sure recordings by Louisville musicians are always reviewed in this section first as soon as they are made available to us. This isn't anything truly different from what Paul or Bob had been doing. However, when I assign local releases to our writers, I will ask (most likely nag) that they make them a priority. No one who writes for this paper will claim that it took six months to write a review of a recording by a local artist because it took that long to digest what was on it.

To the musicians in Louisville (and the region): I ask that you do your part by getting your releases to us as soon as they come off the shrink wrapper. It does neither of us much good if your release is in the racks for four months before you ask us to give it a listen. Early press is always best.

I want the Recordings Reviews section of Louisville Music News to be timely, informative, honest, entertaining. I want Louisville musicians to rely on us to fairly appraise their work and provide a publicity resource. I want our readers to learn of the broad areas of talent our city's musicians have.

--Tim Roberts

Recordings Reviews Editor