News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey all you metal kiddies! Read on for news, views and a phat list of shows! Read on, read on . . !!

Shows First!

Looks like you're gonna have to clone yourself to make it to all of these shows!

Here's the line up for June - Ready …Go!

June 1 Phoenix Hill - Spotlight presents 8 Stop 7 and Aqua Jones.

June 2 - Original Rock Showcase - Phoenix Hill Tavern - in the Roof Garden - check out MSD, Faceplant, Noise Bucket and Dead of Dawn. Show time is 9 p.m.

Happy to report that since the Original Rock Showcase started at the Hill, the turn out has been great. The growth of our local metal scene is always a good thing, so, everyone, keep up your support!

June 2 - Shockers - Sen and One With Misery. Show time 8 p.m. - $5 will get you in.

June 3 - Skip's Place - (502) 955 - 1290 - Crusade for Children benefit show featuring E - Flat, Adrenal Intake and Kill Cycle.

June 3 - Graduation Bash 2000 - starts at 12 p.m. - location unknown!? For more info, log on to This is a big show - so find out where it is & go!

Bands scheduled to play thus far: Flaw, Sen, Execrate, Factor 9, False, Kaotic Creations, Evil Engine # 9 and more TBA.

June 3 - Shockers - Execrate, Thrust, Flaw, Onslaught and Sen. 8 p.m. $5.

June 3 Headliners Music Hall - Original Fest 2000 - which benefits Dare To Care - $5 admission & 5 canned goods will get you in.

I'm not sure who all is playing this, but I know Contortion is one of our local heavies on the bill, so check ‘em out. I believe they go on around 2 a.m. For more info, go to the Contortion web site or e-mail Contortion at

Also - June 3 - (see what I mean about cloning yourself!) - Tekkworld - 9 p.m. - $5 - Sen, One With Misery and Unfulfilled.

(Take a moment to catch your breath.)

June 9 - CiCi's Pizza, Radcliff, Ky. - 9 p.m., $5 - Inmate 42 (formerly Strych 9 - see more info in this column.) and Sen.

June 9 - Shakees Lounge, which is under new ownership & management, will get heavy with E - Flat and Kill Cycle & more to TBA. For more info - call - 367 - 8436.

June 10 - Shockers - 8 p.m. - $5 - Coronach, Abominant, Estuary of Calamity, Somnus and Sen.

June 16 - Shockers - 8 p.m. - 5 bucks - Noise Bucket, Inmate 42 and Sen.

June 16 - Headliners Music Hall - Freakfest (from Eddy Metal Productions) - big show featuring Contortion, Faceplant, Luther, Incursion, Rifle, Sen, Twist and Aqua Jones. Listen up people, this show starts at 6:30 p.m. sharp. Be there for 8 hours of ultra heaviness. This show is 18 & over. Ages 18-20, $10 admission and 21 & over, $5 admission.

June 17 - Paintball Fun - Corydon, Indiana - 8 p.m. - $5 . - Sen and Double Bind.

June 24 - Contortion, Flaw, New Born Aggression (from Peoria, Illinois) and Treadway (from Seymour, Indiana) - Pandemonium - starts at 7 p.m. - $5 at the door.

June 30 - Shockers - Krosmember, Pflanz, Crestfallen, Sen and Shovelhead.

Got an early notice for July Original Rock Showcase at Phoenix Hill - the line up will be Engrind, Krosmember, Crone and Dumpgang.

Wow - that's a lot of shows. They should keep everyone out of trouble, at least for the month of June!

Next up - News & Tidbits

Point Of Anger who broke up late last year are reuniting and getting ready to shake things up! Heard from vocalist Mike Stout that the band recently signed a deal with Slit Wrist Wreckords. Congrats on that! I was also informed that the band has most recently been in New York, working on a six-song EP, with the assistance of Biohazard's Evan Seinfeld and Billy Graziadei, who are lending a hand on production and engineering, as well as backing vocals.

The CD should be finished in June or July and a show is planned for Louisville in the upcoming months. I'll let you know more as soon as I hear it!

Speaking of Biohazard - they should be heading our way this summer in support of New World Disorder.

Hope everyone got to check out Kiss on April 29 at Freedom Hall, for their Farewell Tour. It was awesome, spectacular, truly amazing! (Gee - ya think I like Kiss just a little bit?!) For real though, when I heard the opening lines of "Detroit Rock City" and the curtain fell showing Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter coming down on a platform, I got cold chills and goose bumps galore! It brought me back to the first time I heard Kiss many years ago (hey, not that many!) when I was an impressionable young thing.

Thank goodness for the blood-spitting, fire-blowing "God of Thunder" heavy music of Kiss! I'm proud to say that they left their mark on me! Sure will miss ‘em - but hopefully, they're just bluffing on this "Farewell" business!

Pick up the book Heavy Metal: The Music and it's Culture (Da Capo Press) By Deena Weinstein. The book has been updated, is available in paperback and includes a list of 100 definitive metal albums.

E - Flat is beginning work on their second full length CD.

I heard that some unknown person made comments on Sen's web site about their dislike of the band playing so many shows. Yes, as you see in the show listings for June, Sen is playing their butts off! No need to be mean about it, though - if you don't like it - don't go.

Personally, I think playing that many shows demonstrates that the band is dedicated to what they're doing and that they mean business when it comes to getting their music out for everyone to hear. So more power to them!

Sen has added a fourth member, guitarist Justin Munzee, who should be playing out with the band by the time you read this. Also, I hear that the debut CD is selling very well. Will try to get a review in next month's issue.

For more info - log on to

The band formerly known as Strych9 has a new name - Inmate 42. Pass the word around. The new web site is almost complete but in the meantime, continue to go to

Inmate 42 has added 2 new members :-Mike Holloway on bass and Gene Crabtree on guitar. Hear that guitarist Dave Crabtree who is suffering from a broken leg - is on the mend and will be in shape to play the June showdates that are just around the corner. Along with Dave, original members Jody Benham and Jason Hargrove round out the line up.

The band plans to go to Polaris Studios in Louisville June 24 and 25 to record some new material. Will let you know more as I hear it.

For the latest info - log on to the web site and be sure to check out Inmate 42 on June 16 at Shockers. They should hit the stage at around 7 p.m. or so.

Krosmember has a new CD out - look for a review in next month's issue.

Soulfly has just about finished recording their second album, which will be titled Primitive.

Venom - known as the founding fathers of black metal return to the scene with their 13th album - Resurrection. Release date is set for June 6.

Hope everyone got to check out Staind and The Step Kings on May 9 at Headliners. Although Staind has played Louisville several times in the past year, they pack the house even more every time they come to town. Headliners was wall to wall, with a massive mosh pit rumbling up front. The Step Kings are a fairly new band whose CD Let's Get It On was just released a couple of weeks before the May 9 show. They got a great response from the crowd, which was waiting patiently for Staind to wear them out.

The crowd was definitely there to see Staind, who played an impressive set of their own songs and included a tune from a fellow band - Tool's "Sober."

Staind has a definite fan base in Louisville . I don't think they'll have any problems selling out shows here in the future.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in show dates & other information. Please continue to send shows, band news or comments to me at

Well, I'm outie for this month. See ya next time! Support local metal!