Louisville CD Releases

By Paul Moffett

The stream of CD releases from Louisville musicians has been threatening to grow into a river, and, with the current shortage of reviewers, we have been neglectful in not covering them sooner. Here are some of the more recent releases, but please note that these are not reviews; all these CDs are set for review. To save space, please note that these CDs are "all available at the usual places to (buy recordings)" in Louisville, except where noted. The store list follows the CD list.

Nick Reifsteck and the Serotones have released Black Dog. Reifsteck performed with The Holidays, One Red Romeo, The Bollocks and Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys. He has been out to Hollywood and in Nashville and has returned to Louisville to stay, he says. Will Cary is featured on harmonica.

The CD is also available online at www.theOrchard.com

danny flanigan and the rain chorus have released Vernon's Mud & Other Favorites. Louisville's brick mason / troubadour has been in and out of the scene over the past several years but worked on this project all the while. The thirteen-song CD was produced by Tim Brickley.

All About the Rock is the new CD from Lexington's Supafuzz. The twelve-song project is Supafuzz's second album on Gotham Records and is generally available in chain stores. The CD song list is entitled "Set List" and their publisher is Superloud Music. Nuff said. You can find out more at www.gothamrecords.com.

• Ear X-tacy Records released a twenty-nine-song compilation of all the recorded and unrecorded poor girls material in late 1999. The project, No Rhythm Dancing, is something of an homage to Ricky Lee Schill, poor girls' central poet/artist/songwriter. An important CD for fans of '80s DIY scene in Louisville.

Serpent Wisdom's Fat Lotta Good CD has been out for a while; LMN's review copy went out to a reviewer who subsequently disappeared. You might have heard several of the cuts, particularly the title song, on WFPK and, having listened to lead singer Jak Son Renfro for several years at the Rudyard, I can testify that the CD is the fulfillment of a lot of the promise from those early days. Look for a review as soon as we can secure another copy.

Walker and Kays have a new 20-song CD: Only Voice, Only Guitar, Only Love. As the title says, this is just Jeanette Kays singing love songs along with Greg Walker's guitar. The tunes were selected from the wide range of American popular music: tunes from Cole Porter; Irving Berlin; Mercer and Kern; LeGrand and Bergman. There's even a song from Louisville songwriter Linda Cushing Gower.

• From Microdot Recording has come Sway Back, by Goshen. Produced by slackshop's William Bartley, Sway Back is alt-country-rock-whine a la W. Oldham via T. Texas Tyler via Van Zandt and Earle but no doubt Kentucky. Very current graphics, too.

The Juggernaut Jug Band's new CD is called Don't Try This At Home and features "Pinball Wizard," "Minnie The Moocher," the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and so on for sixteen total. Fun anytime.

The Usual Places to Buy Louisville Music in Louisville (Alphabetically).

Better Days Records, 1591 Bardstown Rd. 2600 W. Broadway.

Ear X-tacy Records, 1534 Bardstown Rd.

Disc Jockey Records, 4600 Shelbyville Rd.

Ground Zero Records, 1700 Bardstown Rd.

Hasting's, 4140 Outer Loop

Hawley-Cooke Booksellers, 27 Shelbyville Road Plaza; 3024 Bardstown Rd.; 2400 Lime Kiln Lane

Underground Sounds, Highland at Baxter Ave.

Interested in adding to this list? Call 893-9933.