Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

'Sbeen a while since I rhymed to you, so that's what I'm about to do.

I've been walking in the park - Cherokee, just before dark. It's time again for the writing tools of Fall to shake a rhythmic paw. The crunching of the leaves as step to step gives way to melodies has been a catalyst for clever twists  - a marketplace for me. I can see the pain in the sky's blue eyes when the  clouds fill in for the sun's orange rays. They're packaging the rain to apologize for the passing sins of the summer stage.  And, ah! What a stage it's been, my friends! The golden leaves agree and though a bit   unrested, say it best. Crunch, two, crunch three…..Whattaya go-nna eat today - Ravioli! Ravioli!

Put that pepper steak away! Boyardee! In a can!  Ravioli's what I want - Ravioli! Ravioli!  I'd buy it in a restaurant -  Me and Cheffy B!

 All this inspiration can be yours if you want it but have no reservations - there's a time limit on it. One snowball sneeze'll  blanket over all the leaves, so grind your brains through the crispy covered lanes and swing your dreams thru the trees like a calculated cough. Very soon, branches fall off.

No, I've not been taking pills, but last month I went to Phoenix Hill for Clash 'n Cash  - it was quite the smash, I'd say. It raised dough for WFPK. They mighta got a lot, at ten bucks a pop, it was packed like sand. But then again, maybe not. Though the joint was hot, everybody was in a band. Fifty bands, to be exact, or so the schedule touted. Two songs apiece - Johnny Cash and The Clash and then the stage rerouted. Too many names to mention here, it was a who's who of how ya been. There was Kathleen Hoye and Heidi Howe , but as usual, mostly men. Blow Up In Japanese had a blonde chick - playing the bass I think. I noticed they had some energy and the frontguy's pants were pink. There were shaved heads, lotsa li'l goatees and thick black glasses. Skinny ties and bloodshot eyes (some musicians smoke the grasses…) I watched so many bands, it's just impossible to list 'em, but I'm glad I came in time find a dose of Serpent Wisdom . While Jak Son writhed away, Pete Peterson was on the keys. Then I noticed they had added drummer Warren (OCG). Yes, some of the players mix it up - Just ask Mark Double U. Though he plays the sax in his self-named act, he just might blowout with you!

I had a little talk with a man who rocks in a band called Cornbread Mafia . He (Adonis) and Claw had a nasty fight… "I won't take that off-a ya!" The guys were recording in Goshen when things got tense, so (not to be ignored), Claw took a fancy notion to urinate on the mixing board. Geez! That's quite enough to get the fists and feet a-flyin'! Urine for a shock but we know that's not a sock - who's buyin'?!

I don't know who did "A Boy Named Sue" but I really like that song. "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

Farewell for now - so long!



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