News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

News from the Pit

By Laura Spalding

Greetings, metal kiddies!

Read on for shows, news, and quickie CD reviews!

First and foremost, here are upcoming shows for you to catch:

N Friday, November 3-  " Original Rock Showcase" at The Phoenix Hill Tavern's Roof Garden - check out Flaw, Twist, Intak and Incursion 502.

Early notice for December Showcase - the line up will be 2 Ton Groove, Suckerpunch, Flat Mary Stone and Planet.

There has been an "Original Rock Showcase" every month in 2000. The turnouts have been great and everyone deserves a big pat on the back for supporting local metal.

Look forward to more showcases in 2001 and let's keep the Louisville metal scene alive and kicking.

Any bands interested in playing the "Original Rock Showcase " series should contact Eddy Metal at or 4006 South 5 Street, Louisville, Ky.40214.

N November 4- Pandamonium Arcade - " Pandamonium Benefit Show " - One With Misery, MSD, Sen, Vendetta and Psychopathy . 7 p.m. - $5.

N November 10 at Pandamonium - Krosmember, Engrind and Contortion .

N November 11 at Pandamonium - Warhead, 9 Level, Sen, Intak and Seth . 7 p.m. - $5 .

N November 12 - Headliners Music Hall - My Life Denial, Dharmachine, Sen and Three Nails For A False Prophet . 5 p.m. - $8 .

N November 17 - B.R.Y.C.C. House - Krosmember, Sen, Countermeasure and Phlanz .

N November 18 - Tek World On Preston Highway - Life Of Decay, Sen, One With Misery, Factor IX and Faceplant . 7 p.m. - $5 .

N November 25 - Tek World - Krosmember, Incursion 502, Headstoned and Vendetta .

N If you get a sudden urge to take a road trip - here are a couple of out-of-town shows for ya :

"November To Dismember" - November 10 and 11 at The Orange Pavilion in San Bernardino, California. Venom will headline this fest - plus there will be more than 120 bands to blow out the old eardrums! For more info - go to www.relapse .com or call (800) 303 - 0606 or go to or call the Metalfest hotline at (414) 225 - 9060.

N For road trips a little closer to home, get in the van and head to Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to see Corrosion Of Conformity, Clutch, Sixty Watt Shaman and Karma To Burn on November 15.

Other dates include: November 10, Ashville, North Carolina, at Stella Blue; November 16, Norfolk, Virginia, at The Boathouse, November 17 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, House Of Blues; November 18, Atlanta, GA. The Masquerade. More tour info next issue or go to any of the bands' sites, as dates are being added daily.

Please read my review of the new C.O.C. album, America's Volume Dealer, in this issue.

N I know all of us will be at the Pantera show on December 3 at Louisville Gardens. This show will be the s**t! See everybody there!

N Prepare for some ultra heaviness in December at the "1st Annual Louisville Metal Festival" to be held at Headliners Music Hall on December 16. Check out this killer line up: Faceplant, Flaw, E - Flat , Factor IX, Incursion 502, MSD, Leaves, Intak and Aqua Jones . There will also be fire blowers, a balloon drop and other surprises in store. So be there!

The bands will sell tickets first, so if you're buds with any of these dudes, contact them about getting your ticket. Starting November 16, tickets will also be available at ear X-tacy, Headliners and Mom's Music in Jeffersonville. This is a "do not miss" show! Get in mosh mode and come out to support Louisville metal!


News and Tidbits


N Type O Negative has a new CD, The Lease Worst Of, which was released October 31. The CD is something of a "Greatest Hits" compilation and features five new tracks.

N Overkill released Bloodletting October 24. The band is currently touring in Europe with Rob Halford .

N Godsmack released their second record, Awake, on October 31. The tunes that I've heard sound heavier than the first CD. That's the way to do it, boys!

Look for reviews in an upcoming issue.

N Fear Factory is at work on a new record slated for an April 2001 release. Some tunes to expect are "Acres Of Skin,"Byte Block" and "Strain Vs Resistance."

N Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie will soon be available in doll form. Art Asylum will be issuing a set of twelve Eddie dolls. I'm not sure when they are coming out but this would be a cool Christmas present for metal fans!

N McFarlane Toys will be issuing a Janis Joplin figure in mid-November. I know Janis wasn't really metal per say, but the girl was baddd!

N Look for Fire Woman - A Tribute To The Cult to be released in spring of 2001 on Versailles Records. Louisville musician Corey Craven covers "Coming Down."

N Krosmember's new website will be up soon and will feature new shirts for sale.

N E-Flat will release a new CD in the coming months. The single "Because Of You" is getting heavy rotation on 100.5 The Fox's Louisville music show.

N Skullcap from Lexington is working on a debut CD. The band is planning shows in Lexington and Louisville in November and December, so keep your eyes and ears open for dates. For more info - log on to

N Look for a live CD in January from Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society and a new studio record slated for May 2001. Also early next year, look for Zakk on the silver screen with Mark Wahlberg in So You Want To Be A Rock Star . (The movie was originally titled Metal God.)

N Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue now has his own record label, Americoma Records. So get those demo tapes and bios in the mail to Mr. Sixx - the man's been in the business for a lot of years and knows his stuff!

Mail demos to Americoma Records, Attn. A & R Dept., P.O. Box 18524, Beverly Hills, California 90029.

Now for a couple of quickie CD reviews - rating scale 1 - 5 skulls - 5 means it kicks butt - buy it now!

Black Seeds Of Vengeance (Relapse Records)


Nile is self-described as "brutal ithyphallic death metal." Yeah, this stuff is brutal, for sure! You have to be in the mood to listen to it.

Death metal is usually intense, heavy music lightening-fast guitars and drums and growling vocals. Nothing really new here. The music is good, but the vocals are such a low growl that they are barely audible.

With song titles like "Masturbating The War God,"The Black Flame" and "Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake," (What?! Ok I'm lost here!) these guys are writing about some pretty heavy stuff. You better get a lyric sheet if you want to know what he's talking about, though.

Good riffs and great drumming - but I could do without the low growls. If death metal is your thing, then you'll love this. If not, save your money!


Destroy The Opposition ( Relapse Records)

Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus is also a death metal band, but with more of an old school sound than their above-mentioned label mates.

It's the same formula here intense, heavy music - but with more of a groove. The vocals are death growls as well and are a bit too barky at times but you can hear them over the music and they go well with this style of metal. My picks of the bunch are "Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses),"Epidemic Of Hate,"Pissing In The Mainstream"(love that title!) and "Justifiable Homicide." Angry!

The music is aggressive and drummer Kevin Talley is amazing. He kicks double bass. The guy knows how to work those pedals.

Again, if death metal is your thing, you'll love this. And even if you usually like more low-key metal check this one out!


Well, kids - that's all for me this month. Send your show dates, news, comments, etc. to me at

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