Sunday Silence (Stone Productions)
Arthur Hancock

By Bob Mitchell

Who is Arthur Hancock? Who is this man who writes, sings and picks with J. D. Crowe, Peter Rowan, Stuart Duncan, Brian Sutton, Mark Fain and Sam Bush? He is a talented man of destiny who has not only worked hard but also had more than the usual amount of good luck.

In 1965 he attended a Peter Rowan concert and fell in love with Bluegrass. Arthur and Peter became picking buddies along with J. D. Crowe. Then destiny stepped in and the men went their separate ways. became a respected horseman and breeder. In 1989, his hard work and luck paid off when his horse Sunday Silence (the name of this project) won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Breeders Cup. About 1995 he took his son to a Peter Rowan concert, old friendships were revived and the seeds for another dream were sown. He sang "Sunday Silence" for Rowan, who in turn suggested a recording and promised to assemble the musicians. The rest, as they say, is now recorded history. Peter Rowan has produced and impressive debut album with thirteen original Hancock songs.

The title cut is a plaintive heartfelt expression of love from the man who's life was enriched by a horse of majestic proportions. Patti Mitchell (no relation) lends a lovely duet lead to "What We've Got in Common," a beautiful waltz and one of the best tracks on this release. "Whiskey Olde Whiskey" tells of the tragedy that result from excessive drinking and pleads for responsible use of alcohol. "Run That By Me One More Time" is an uptempo selection with exceptional banjo work from Kentucky treasure, J. D. Crowe. It is the best track on the project and was co-written with Foster and Lambert. "Strode's Creek" is a haunting instrumental that deserves more attention than it will probably receive. Stuart Duncan and Brian Sutton shine on this cut.

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