News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hi, all. Well, Pit People, this will be my last column for Louisville Music News.

I'll start off with some upcoming shows and close with my farewells.

Read on...!

August 1 - Tek World - Hatebreed, American Headchange, E - Town Concrete, Incursion 502 and Execrate. All ages - $10.

August 3 - "Original Rock Showcase" at Phoenix Hill Tavern - Factor IX, Flaw, The Constant, Element H and 13 A. Since August has an extra week, come on out for another Showcase - August 31 - Kavehill, Voodoo Machine, Tha Rukus and Suckerpunch. Early notice for the September showcase on September 7 - - Bryan Fox, Superface, Intak and Aqua Jones.

August 4 - Tek World - Intak, End Of Existence, Quarter Bounce and Tha Rukus.

August 10 - Tek World - Bodyhammer, Evil Engine #9, One Point Three and The Nubiles.

August 11 - Tek World - Incursion 502, MSD and False.

August 18 - B.R.Y.C.C. House - Skullcap and TBA.

August 25 - Abominant, Coronach, Estuary Of Calamity and Akashik Matrix.

__Don't forget about 15th Annual Milwaukee Metalfest - August 10 and 11.This is a two-day event with over 150 bands performing.

For more info, go to

Well, fellow metal fans, what can I say? I feel a little sad as I write since this is my last News from the Pit column for Louisville Music News. When I started writing the column in 1996, I never dreamed that I would still be doing it 5 years later.

I was feeling bold and decided to take a chance when I offered to do the column. I did not have any previous writing experience or training, but I always made good grades in my English classes and thought I could write well enough to do a decent job.

More importantly, I have been a fan of many styles of heavy music since my grade school days, I knew a lot about the music and kept up with what was going on in the world of metal.

I didn't want to do it as a job. I wanted to do it for fun and to be a part of the music that I have loved for so long. So I went for it and here I am five years later, still writing.

I'm so glad I took that chance. I have learned a lot and had a blast doing the column! I have always tried to do a good job and I think I've done pretty well most of the time.

I have decided to give up doing the column for a few reasons but mainly, my plate is a little too full right now. I have been working two jobs for a while now, which leaves little time for anything else. I'm sure many of you know where I'm coming from on this. Also, I am planning on going back to school either later this year or early 2002, which will leave me even less time to pursue other interests.

And lastly, I just need a break.

I can relate to what former LMN jazz columnist Tim Roberts' said in his last column. I too am just "plain ol' pooped out."

This doesn't mean that I don't like heavy music anymore. I will still argue relentlessly with anyone who says that metal is just a bunch of longhaired guys screaming about worshiping the devil. I know how much this music means to me and to a lot of other people. It will always be an important part of my life and I will continue to support the cause.

I want to thank some people for their help in allowing me to do the column for the past five years.

First, LMN Editor in Chief Paul Moffett - Thank you for giving me the chance to express myself in writing about the music that means so much to me. I appreciate the freedom and trust that you gave me in doing the column the way I wanted to do it. I am proud to say that I wrote for Louisville Music News.

Many additional thanks go out - in no particular order - to Maria Gonzales at Roadrunner Records, Matt Favazza from Victory Records, Colby Keeler for the Dope interview, the many show passes and CDs, your trust in me to get the job done and for being a super nice guy who believes in the scene.

Trey Carvell for all the C.O.C. hookups and info and for being an all around nice guy and friend. Pit People - keep your ears open for Nasskarr Lesbians - they'll be coming your way soon!

Bill Barringer and Billy Hardison from Spotlight Productions for putting me on "the list" for numerous shows. I am grateful. My husband Erich for always supporting me in writing this column.

My sister Maria for the concert road trips - more to come! Eddy Metal for always keeping me informed about the local scene. Perry Scroggins and Mary from the Toy Tiger.

I sure do miss the Tiger - Thanks for the memories!

Thanks to all bands I have had the privilege of seeing and hearing. And last but not least, you the reader - thank you for reading. I appreciate the comments I have gotten from many of you. It inspired me to keep doing it and to get better.

If I have forgotten anyone - please know that I am thankful! I have heard much great music, met many cool people and made many friends in the last 5 years.

It was so much fun!

I still plan on doing some CD and show reviews occasionally, as time allows, so, you will hear from me again.

Thanks again everyone - I had a great time !!

See ya in the Pit!!