Get a Jakeleg Up

Junk Yard Café (ear X-tacy)

By Michael Beaird

What the hell is a jakeleg you ask? Well, aside from being a prohibition-era term to describe the paralysis in the leg that can occur from drinking lead-tainted moonshine, Jakeleg is a local band that never really meant to be a band. It's a story of coincidence, name changes and good ol' Rock `n' Roll.

But more on that when they get their own VH-1 special (or you can visit their website at We're talkin' music here, and music is what I'm here to write about. With a standard quartet setup featuring Barrett Cooper on drums and backing vocals, Patrick Donley on bass and vocals, Jeremy Morris on guitar and backing vocals, and Kirkby Tittle on guitars and vocals, these guys make music the way they want to.

Their style leans ever so slightly toward the "jam band" ethic practiced by so many others, but these guys can do so much more. Throw in a little humor (take a listen to "Pixilated Playmate" and you'll see what I mean), and a cover of Lou Reed's "New Sensations" and you get one well-executed album.

Two of the standout tracks, "Sundays in May" and "Compass," have gained the boys some radio airplay on WFPK. So far, so good. Hey, it's always a pleasure to hear some local talent spicing up the airways.