Christmas, country style

Singing Gospel Music The Country Way (Independent)
Jimmy Eaves and Frankie Miller

Bringing Back Memories (Independent)

Jimmy Eaves

By Bob Mitchell

If you enjoy the Country sounds from the 1940s and `50s, then, you will enjoy these recordings. Gospel The Country Way is nothing fancy and nothing like what Nashville currently calls "country." This is the real stuff -- that is to say, a simple melody line and uncluttered musical support.

Of course, this means these releases get much air play or sell a million copies. Nevertheless, they are fine recordings that preserve an important American musical heritage.

Gospel The Country Way includes new material such as "Jesus Dot Com" and classics such as "Old Country Church," His Burdens Are Greater Than Mine," and "I Just Told Mama Goodbye."

The gospel album was released in 2001, while Memories] was originally released in1999. Even though Memories is an older recording, the band has a more current sound. All 10 tracks will be familiar to the fan of traditional country music -- for example, "Love Sick Blues," "Settin' The Woods On Fire," "Hobo's Meditation," and "A Teardrop On A Rose."

To learn more or obtain a copy of either CD visit http://jimmyeaves.iuma.con