Music and snow cream

Songs of The Season (Independent)

By Bob Mitchell

Songs of the Season is Trifolkal's fifth release, and a fine one it is. The vocals are as gentle as falling snow; the harmonies are soothing and encircle you like steam from a cup of hot chocolate on a winter night. This release is reminiscent of the early sounds of Peter Paul and Mary -- each listen is a comforting, calming experience. (The liner notes even contain a recipe for "Snow Ice Cream." You've got to love that.)

Songs of the Season contains four original songs and one of the best is a lilting, lighthearted "20th Century Christmas." Five tracks are traditional: including a delicate version of "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella," a heartfelt "Cherry Tree Carol," and my favorite, "A'Soalin'."

Instrumentation and arrangements are simple but more than sufficient, voice and guitar. Liner notes describe the recording as a "labor of love." Indeed it is. To learn more or obtain a copy of this CD check out