Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

I often wonder if anyone else wonders about certain things. One of those neurotic ponderings involves "scratch -off" residue. Everywhere you go, you can find lottery tickets just laying around, little dead soldiers that were a disappointment to the buyer. Littering is obviously ugly but is the crumbling, gummy covering that rudely rolls off the tickets, be it on someone's table, in the car, or on the street, affecting our environment in any way? Will there be some freaky health warning in twenty more years: like don't breathe the stuff, or what? Do the piles of scratch-off goo "bio-degrade," whatever that means? To be on the safe side, I, for one, will vow to clean up after myself. Sometimes.

Every time I walk down Bardstown Road, I note the abundance of weathered staples in the telephone poles. Each set of staples represents some sort of announcement that was deemed flyer-worthy. This form of advertising has been going on for decades in the Highlands. Who can say what gigs were successfully packed with potential fans due to these mass hangings. I know there are thousands with my fingerprints on them. Maybe Marvin Maxwell, for example, has staples to claim from gigging with Soul Incorporated in the 60's. More than a few bands have become famous out of Louisville. Why don't their fans collect their staples? I'll tell you why. First of all, no one seems to think about it. Secondly, it's hard to determine which band used which staples. Many of these staples are antiques! Does anyone collect antique staples? There are lots of antique stores on Bardstown Road, but I've never seen a staple collection anywhere. Kinda makes me want to start one.

It's good to see that band flyers have made a comeback in the Highlands. I couldn't keep flyers up a couple of years ago, and I noticed there would be few in sight. Every time I'd staple up a couple of block's worth, the neighborhood association (I was told) would come around and pull `em down. That was really frustrating. Putting flyers on telephone poles is a Highland tradition. It helps express the true art and cultural diversion of the area.

So does the Bardstown Road Youth Cultural Center, or BRYCC. (Say it like "brick house", it's more fun.) The building used to be an Oriental rug retailer, but the marquee in front always cried out to have band names sitting on it. The place looks like a nightclub from the outside, and in a way, it is.

The BRYCC House provides a place for young people of all ages to participate in positive activities. Everything is done by kids, with adult supervision. The four major programs include a library, a computer lab, an art gallery and a radio station. Although located in the Highlands, the center encourages kids from all over the city to get involved. And so they do. Weekly entertainment showcases bands ranging in age from fourteen to mid-twenties. Most shows start at 8 p.m. on Friday and 6 or 7 on Saturday and Sunday nights and usually cost five bucks. Even though it's a haven for young folks, sometimes the audience is filled with adults. And so it should be, because adults have money and this non-profit center needs some. They also need "professional" volunteers, such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

Okay, now I'll get specific. If you'd like to play a show at the BRYCC House, you MUST email the kids who do the bookings at: brycchousenoise@egroups.com. Do not phone for bookings, it won't do you any good. However, if you'd like to volunteer, donate money, or have other questions, call Jamie at 456-1006.

See this paper's music listings for some upcoming shows.

Visit the BRYCC House at 1055 Bardstown Road.

The center is open Wed.-Fri., 3pm - 9pm. Weekends, noon - 10pm. Closed Mon.- Tues.

I'm told to be on the lookout for The Horsehead Nebula Revue. If you're into KISS, Cheap Trick, Dolls, etc., you need to check `em out on March 16 in Barretones at The Barret Bar. They'll be joined by Adaptor. The same guy wants you to know that Starman Jones was supposedly broken up but really isn't. As a matter of fact, they may be playing on February 8 at The Rudyard Kipling - just maybe! Weelll, now! That sounds sneaky!

In closing, let me entice you with thoughts of next month's column. It may be about dogs. I wonder...

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