News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Happy New Year People of the Pit!

Looks like metal is alive and kicking for 2001!

To start the new year off right-loud & heavy that is-let us check out these upcoming shows!


Friday, January 5th- "The Original Rock Showcase Series First Anniversary Bash"-at The Phoenix Hill Tavern Roof Garden. This show will feature 5 bands-Faceplant, Warhead, E-Flat, 13th Level, and Intak.

Show starts at 8:30p.m. sharp-21 & over. Be there- you don't want to miss this one!

Early notice for February showcase-Friday February 2nd- get ready for Cornbread Mafia, Supafuzz, Seth, and Element H.

Sunday-January 7th-an all ages show at Headliners Music Hall featuring local boys Sen, Twiztid, Relative Ash, and Blaze. Tickets are $13.00 and available through Ticketmaster outlets.


Check out the lineups for "Rock Hard Sundays" at Bar Louisville. It's all good!

January 7th-My Own Victim, Flaw, Luther, and Purple Jesus.

January 14th-Outspoken, Rifle, and E-Flat.

January 21st-Flat Mary Stone, Seth, and Leaves.

Any bands interested in playing the "Rock Hard Sundays" series-Please drop off or mail a CD & press kit to Bar Louisville, Attention Colby Keeler, 436 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 40204.


January 19th at Tekworld-check out Point Of Anger, Onslaught, and Forefront.


January 20th- "New Blood" show at Tekworld- Seth, 13th Level, Intak, and Die Nasty from Cincy. Showtime is 7:00p.m.

January 27th-at The Crunch Zone-Luther, E-Flat, 13th Level, and Seth. 8:30p.m. -21 & over.


If you don't already know-Pantera has been rescheduled for March 2nd-still at Louisville Gardens. There has been a slight change in the opening acts-Morbid Angel is still on the bill, but Soulfly has been added in place of Kittie.

I know we will all be at this one!!


News and Tidbits


I hope everyone got to check out the "1st Annual Louisville Metal Festival" on December 16th at Headliners. It was truly mind blowing! Headliners was packed from front to back, side to side, standing room only.

Many local heavies blew out our ears on this night-Intak, MSD, Factor IX, E-Flat, Aqua Jones, Leaves, Flaw, and Faceplant. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Incursion 502 did not get to play. I'd have to say this was the only flaw(no pun intended!) of an otherwise excellent night .

All the bands kicked major butt! I think this fest really proves how much talent we have in Louisville.

The heavy music scene here keeps growing and these bands are gonna go places! Right on!

Thanks go to Colby Keeler for putting this show together. He's a cool guy like that!

Also thanks to all the bands who played. It was great, man!

Colby tells me he's already planning the metal fest for 2001. You go boy!

We're all looking forward to it!


Word has it that Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and Queensryche's Geoff Tate will be recording a full length album for release this summer. I heard that the group may go by the name of The Three Tremors or Trinity. Guess we'll find out this summer.


Zakk Wylde will be writing with Ozzy for the Godfather of Metal's next album. Rumor has it that the recording line up and possible tour line up will be Zakk on guitar, Geezer Butler on bass, and Tommy Lee on drums. Although I did hear that Tommy Lee will only do it if he gets a good offer. Hello!

Tommy-this is Ozzy we're talking about here! Remember when he took the Crue on the road back in the Shout At The Devil days? Yep-better count your blessings there dude!

Hell-I'd take drum duties with Ozzy any day, wouldn't you?!


Speaking of Zakk Wylde-the new Black Label Society album Alcohol Fueled Brewtality-Live BLS should be released in early spring.


Local boys Sen are heading to the recording studio on January 27th to work on their 2nd album -which will be titled Designed Hatred. A release date is set for April 20th.

Sen also has much merchandise -sweatshirts, decals, t-shirts, lighters, and hoodies-all available at Better Days Records.

For the latest info-go to


That's all for me this time around.

I will be back next month with more news & several CD reviews, so hang tight.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your show dates, etc.

Email me at

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