Electronica on High

rhythms of remembrance (Rocketown)

by David Lilly

On a wave of techno rhythms and beats, apt_core delivers their version of the Word of God. They call it rhythms of remembrance. You are likely to notice, and remember, that the Lord has seldom come across so funky and fun. The rhythm section throughout this CD offers credence to the theory some have that percussion is essential to this life and our individual spirits; the bass and drums here could help stir lethargic souls to vigorous rejuvenation. Imagine going on a sonic safari of spiritual catharsis for whatever ails you. Those who are NOT lethargic will still get a boost from this electronic tribal revelry. Some of it is even reminiscent of the David Byrne & Brian Eno collaboration on My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, although this stuff is not strictly derivative.

Primary creative force Will Hunt & company greet you at the door with "Creed." Techno from the Middle East. No matter how many times you've heard The Apostle's Creed, you owe it to yourself to hear this version. Never mind the reserve or polite stoicism of the average choir or congregation - this is wrapped up in a sound that is, if you'll pardon the expression, funkier than hell. It reaches right into you and you can't help but respond to it with rhythmic motions.

There is plenty of spoken scripture on this CD, and it is well done. Not at all pontificating or the least bit preachy. Possibly taking a nod from U2, Apt_Core tosses up their version of Psalm 40, known to music fans as "40." While U2's take on it was passionate and anthemic, this one is presented as optimistic and quite danceable. The final song, "Remain in Me," is a tour de force of funked up New Age soundscape that features an enjoyably zealous female repeating John 15:5.

There's reason aplenty to dance here, and that's a great way to communicate with yourself and the cosmos. In short, this CD is a great way to revel in your faith, worship and go to church without ever leaving the house. You could also share it with anyone who is open-minded and game for something different.