Clutch/ Corrosion Of Conformity/Spirit Caravan at Headliners

By Laura Spalding

Headliners was full on the night of February 22. Clutch, Corrosion Of Conformity and Spirit Caravan rolled into town in big, loud way.

Spirit Caravan opened the show with their sludgy, stoner rock groove from their CD Jug Fulla Sun.. Scott "Wino" Weinrich, who was in The Obsessed and St.Vitus in the '80s and early '90s, fronts the band. The crowd was into them and knew their tunes Clearlight was also scheduled to play but had to cancel due to having had their equipment stolen shortly before the Louisville show.

Corrosion Of Conformity took the stage next. They last played here some years back, once at The Toy Tiger and once opening for Metallica on the Load tour. They got a warm "welcome back" from the crowd and seemed pleased by the reaction. Co-headlining with Clutch since November, COC is touring in support of their new CD, America's Volume Dealer. They opened with "King of the Rotten" from Wiseblood, kicking the pit into full gear.

They played a pretty even mix of songs from each of their last four records, including "Senor Limpio" (Yessss - this song is the S**t!), "Diablo Blvd," Albatross," " Seven Days," `Vote With A Bullet," "Who's Got The Fire," "Clean My Wounds" and "Congratulations Song." I was pleased to also hear "My Grain" from Deliverance and" Long Whip/Big America" from Wiseblood, which they haven't played in a while.

I saw COC last summer in Winston-Salem, NC and they played with a new enthusiasm on this night. Guitarists Pepper Keenan and Woody Weatherman, and bassist Mike Dean were tight. Jimmy Bower of Eye Hate God/Down/Clearlight is filling in on drums for Reed Mullin, who recently underwent back surgery. While Bower did a good job, there was a definite vibe missing with Mullins not on the job.

The set was kick butt, but a little short -about an hour. The crowd was pumped and from the feel in the room, COC could have played another hour and everyone would have been happy.

Then Clutch hit the stage and set the pit into a new frenzy. "Escape From The Prison Planet" was a real crowd-pleaser. They played a good set, but the songs seemed to run together after a while.

The band has a new CD due out March 13. The title was to be Slow Hole To China, but I heard that it has been changed to Pure Rock Fury.

This tour has a good mix of bands - all heavy as we like it - but each with their own sound. If you missed the show at Headliners, I would suggest taking a road trip. It will definitely be worth your while!