Jason Really, Really Likes This CD

The Bryan Fox Band (Unsigned)
The Bryan Fox Band

By Jason Koerner

It's not surprising to know that this CD has been played on WTFX in the local hours and WLRS in full rotation- while the band is unsigned. This is not a frequent occurrence, especially considering the band peaked at seven spins a day. And yes, they are still unsigned.

I heard Bryan Fox first at a live show at Headliner's, when he was opening for Tantric. I was thoroughly impressed and wanted to see more of him. I listened to the demo and could not get the intro track, "Yes," out of my head for a week solid. It still resonates inside there.

This disc is the most radio-friendly CD I have heard out of a local artist since I have been in the scene. The self-titled debut begins with Bryan's most successful piece thus far, "Yes." This track, as mentioned earlier, has spent a fair amount of time on the radio already and demonstrated it's hit potential. The great thing about the CD is that the majority of tunes could be hits. My personal favorites are "Yes," "Higher Things," "Virgo Baby," and "In My Horizon." The hooks are incredible, and it is easy to spend a couple of hours with this thing on repeat.

The sound is pure, but edgy. The vocals carry a range of emotions and timbre. The effective use of acoustic guitars is impressive in that it is not overdone; contrasted by heavy tones interlaced with the hooks that ring so familiar in your unconscious mind.. The sounds are refreshing, not relaxing. The music moves very gracefully to where it wants to take you, and before you know it, you are captivated by something you cannot explain. The lyrics are intelligent and simple all at the same time. It cuts to the chase about a lot of things that are so over done in music today. This CD is like an honest politician. I don't know quite how to react to it, because there has never been one quite like it before now.

To wrap things up, picture the sounds of modern acoustic folk/rock with a smooth blend of hard rock espresso. The combination of musicians featured on this album work really well together and it would seem to be just a matter of time before they are on your TV.

You can pick up the CD at Better Days records and Ear-X-Tacy here in Louisville, and you can check out the band at www.mp3.com/bryanfox.