Celtic Corner
By Decimus Rock

Tim O'Brien

Our Kentucky Center for the Arts' Lonesome Pine Special has never failed to please and November is no exception, with a visit from Tim O'Brien and his masterful musicians in tow. CC readers hardly need reminding that Bluegrass roots run straight to Ireland and Scotland. The continuum of musical traditions is a joyful place where the sorrows are deep and the celebration is over the top. The keening lament of the country ballad hails from sean nos singing and breakdown from the reel. Tim O'Brien's mission is the exposition of this reality, which delivers a thoroughly musical program. Local Celtic musician, John Woodard, no mean banjo player himself, has jammed with O'Brien at summer musical house parties in Maine. Woodard's own band, The Rashers, will show their own take on that continuum at The Irish Rover, for its anniversary party November 1. But I digress... Tim O'Brien and The Crossing will be at KCA on November2. Call KCA ASAP for tickets.

The Crossing at the Rudyard

On the very same night that Tim O'Brien and the Crossing is at the KCA, November 2, a Chicago area Celtic band called The Crossing will be at the Rudyard Kipling. Different group, different sound, unfortunate coincidence. However, if you are looking for some Celtic music and don't want to pay those KCA ticket prices, look due south to Oak St and the Rudyard for your cup of Celtic.

Irish Rover Anniversary

Go there, have fun, eat and drink your fill. The Rashers will be there. Michael and Siobhan started this movement and they deserve your support. You might consider making reservations for larger delegations. Celebrate the Celtic new year: samhain!

Kitty O'K

Thursday night is the session time for our newest Celtic cluster, Kitty O'Kirwan's. And why not? The food and atmosphere got high praise indeed from Ms. Riegler of the Courier Journal, odd notions of temperature aside. The food IS good and you can also get your hands on some fine Irish, Scottish and Welsh "shiny objects" in the attached Celtic Centre.