Mid City Meddler

Mid City Meddler
By Muffy Junes

No Column

It looks like I won't be writing my Meddler column this month. I haven't meddled much to mention. I had several topics in mind earlier in the month, but I forgot what they were. I had filed away some facts in my computer but lost them when my hard drive died. Speaking of which, if you were on my e-mailing list at one time and are no more, just reconnect with me through the address provided below. I feel a bit irresponsible not to be writing this column, because every now and then someone tells me how much he or she looks forward to reading it. Just last week, a lady named Bonebreaker complimented me on supplying her with dandy bathroom reading material. Another fan, a guy, says he looks forward to my whining. I prefer to think of that as occasional whining in an enlightened format. Fact is, though, I really prefer not to think at all at this time. Thinking is overrated. The same goes for clever repartee, witty banter and catchy turns of phrases. What's exciting is the art of brain fart. Where's the motivation? You don't need any if you're not thinking of anything.

Having said that, I'd like to update some inquisitive folks on the status of my upcoming album. It's in duplication now, which means it should be available in a few weeks. But that's almost all I know. My new website is under construction. I enlisted someone to create the site for me, thinking I wouldn't have to do anything, but boy, was I wrong! Just when I was getting frustrated that it wasn't slickly filled up with fascinating facts about ME, he sends me a list of tasks to complete before he can get the thing rolling. Among other things, I'm supposed to write a bunch of stuff about my life and career. That's an autobiographical shame, because I'm not thinking right now. If you know much about me, please feel free to donate the information in biographical form - I'll use it on my website. That way I don't have to make the junk up. I'm serious.

Yeah, if I had prepared, I could tell you about a couple of musical acts that have contacted me lately. I received a new album, Completely Blue from a guy named Scot. Artistically, he goes by R Scot Payne, and, check it out - there's no dot after the "R." That would drive me crazy. I've only listened to it once so far, but I enjoyed it while writing out bills. I'm not a reviewer - (look for one in a future issue of LMN), but the first song, "let go," is especially appealing to me. Scot's stylings are similar to one of my favorite bands, XTC. He has a soothingly familiar voice and utilizes distinctive harmonies. Lyrically, the songs are engaging. (Now you know why I'm not a reviewer - "engaging") I'd tell you where or when to look for this new release, but I forgot to find out. Try going to www.rscotpayne.com.

I also intend to check out the band called half-seas-over, but I haven't yet. Frequenters of my Muffioky gigs, these musicians are easily identified as band comrades by their black horn-rimmed glasses and matching denim jackets. Two females, Aubree and Krisseee, play guitars and sing. Darling, (aka Ryan - male) plays keyboards and a drum machine to accompany them. I don't know the drum machine's name or you best believe I'd mention it. Aside from the fact that they are vivacious and energetic, that's all I know since I've yet to see a gig. I plan to see them at Barretones on November 16, at 9 p.m.

My cat Charlie hates to hear me sing. Recently I was learning a song to go record at a mysterious studio in an office behind a pawnshop. Charlie came trotting in and jumped up to gnaw on my elbow.

So, as you can see, I am unable to write a column this month. Check back in a few weeks and see what December brings.



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