That's blue, as in grass

Still Climbing Mountains (Rounder)
Blue Highway

By Bob Mitchell

Blue Highway is synonymous with Bluegrass. If you doubt it, give a listen to Still Climbing Mountains, the fifth release from five of the most talented men in the business.

This release, however, is different from the group's previous recordings because each track is an original song from the pen of one or more members of the band. Even though every tune is new, the entire project is a reflection of a deep respect for traditional Bluegrass sounds. Vocals and harmonies are tight, arrangements are well thought out and the picking is flawless.

This is a band in the truest sense of the word: Each member does what he can to make the others sound better. There is no one-upmanship, only the desire to be a group with a common goal, and that is to play Bluegrass the way it is supposed to be played.

When a song calls for sensitivity, Blue Highway digs deep and delivers. This is especially evident in "Life Without You" and "Only A Thought Away." When a song calls for drive, Blue Highway releases raw power and incredible musical strength, as in the tunes, "Monrobro," "Riding The Danville Pike," and "Buck Hill." The boys outdo themselves on Shawn Lane's love-gone-wrong track, "This Ain't The First Time I've Walked In These Shoes."

I highly recommend this recording.