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Satchel's Pawn Shop (ear X-tacy Records)
Satchel's Pawn Shop

By Michael Beaird

"When I walked in to the Louisville city limits ..."

This opening line from "Longneck," the first track on the debut album from Louisville-based Satchel's Pawn Shop, makes it seem as though our very own River City has somehow transcended the whole country music mystique that surrounds such glorified cities as Memphis, San Antonio and Jackson.

Indeed, maybe it has. In fact, one of my biggest complaints about this town is the rarity of really good country-rock. Sure we've got the run-of-the-mill "mullet and a belt buckle" type ensembles that have all the glitz but none of the guts, but nothing with the true grit and musicality that these guys display. With their recent debut, Ian Thomas, Dave Porter, Willie MaClean, Dave Nofsinger and Glen Howerton have set the standard for really good country-rock in Louisville, Ky.

The thirteen songs on the album showcase all the diversity that such a band can muster. Everything from the rockin', get-yer-boots-stompin' opener of the aforementioned "Longneck," to the soulful and laugh-out-loud "Wal-Mart Took My Baby," on to the beautiful and handsomely-crafted instrumental "Deke Thornton's Lament" (featuring Tim Krekel on guitar), followed by a well-thought-out and rockin' cover of the Rolling Stones' "Happy," and right on down to the good time jamboree of "Cool Like Robert Mitchum" (any band that can incorporate the legendary Robert Mitchum into a song is A-OK with me).

What it all boils down to is that if you're looking for your next music purchase, think local, think Louisville -- think Satchel's Pawn Shop. Find out more about this release at